DROP DEAD DIVA “Bride-a-Palooza” Review

Drop Dead Diva

DROP DEAD DIVA “Bride-a-Palooza” Season 3 Episode 12 – Jane is initially reluctant to take on the case of a so-called ‘bridezilla’ who was injured during a stampede at a wedding dress store. But when the woman’s fiancee tells Jane that the bridezilla was nothing more than an innocent shopper, Jane is more than ready to win the case. Greyson’s case is a little more old school – a property dispute between siblings leads to them having to follow their father’s wishes by settling the issue using 12th century law.

The cases this week were interesting, if a little strange. I can’t even imagine what someone tuning in near the end would have thought seeing knights fighting in an auditorium. It was ridiculous in a way that only Drop Dead Diva can be and I loved it. I only wish that whoever wrote the episode had actually read up on Arthurian legend more – naming siblings Guinevere and Lancelot was odd, and why choose Arthurian legend and then opt for real 12th century law? Nevertheless, it was fun.

In their personal lives, Jane and the gang have to deal with a diva-esque Stacey, while Parker’s ex-girlfriend temping at the firm causes unexpected issues.

Stacey’s behaviour this week was out of character. There was an attempt to explain it away by having Greyson say how Deb thought Stacey would be a diva if she ever achieved fame, but this Stacey wasn’t just living up to the diva stereotype, she was wily and vindictive. I suppose this all started when she cheated on Fred, though, so it shouldn’t be so surprising. But as someone who adores Stacey, I hate the way fame changed her so much, even if she’s potentially about to revert back to the woman we know and love.

Parker’s situation was equally as annoying. While I can understand Kim being upset by Elisa’s presence in the office, I thought her behaviour was childish. Inundating Elisa with pointless tasks is one thing, walking out on Parker because he cares enough to give her a job is another. Their break ups and make ups are becoming tiresome to watch – although perhaps Kim’s behaviour was justified judging by the end of the episode. I’m starting to like the idea of a possible pairing between Parker and Elisa, but would it withstand the reveal of the son Parker doesn’t even know exists?

Summary: a good, fun episode, even with Stacey’s out of character behaviour and the relentless back and forth of Kim/Parker. Well worth watching for the dual alone!

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  • I loved this episode 🙂 There has been so much going on lately, I think it’s just the right amount of drama to open the door to the finale! I loved the duel, and that case as a whole! The judge, as of now, has my full attention. Oh, and Stacey’s “phase” is.. Well, I don’t know what it is, but I do know that she has grown a lot so I have faith in her! I am so looking forward to next week’s episode, the preview had my jaw on the floor!

  • Who was the advertising executive who caused the issues in this episode?