BREAKING BAD “Salud” Review

BREAKING BAD “Salud”, Season 4 Episode 10 – I’m not gonna lie, but it was tough being a Breaking Bad fan on Emmy night this year. It helps knowing that the show wasn’t just snubbed from the nominations, and that was in fact ineligible for any awards this year thanks to the late start to the season. However, it’s episodes like “Salud” that guarantee us that this show will be back at the Emmy’s next year, and will hopefully finally win some awards outside of the acting categories.

After last week’s climactic fight between Jesse and Walt, we see Jesse somewhat unceremoniously whisked away to Mexico to his new lab. Considering how big of a change this is to the formula of this show, I thought this transition was rushed a little bit. I know it doesn’t look like they’ll be there for long (more on that later), but it’s the only time the main characters of this show have gone out of Albuquerque, and it all happened so fast! It was great seeing Jesse so effortlessly take control of his new surroundings, and the role that Gus has given him, but I wish this huge move was handled with a bit more grace.

Speaking of grace, we also see the graceful and elegant Chrysler PT Cruiser was the car that Skyler chose for Walt Jr.’s sixteenth birthday. Skyler getting this type of car, and Junior’s obvious disappointment (and gracious acceptance), were both very great choices for their characters. Junior then drove this car over to check on his dad, who we see is still recovering from his fight with Jesse. The scene between them in Walt’s armchairs was one of my favorite of the season. I’ve always felt that Walt Jr. is the one part of Walt’s life that he seems to hold onto the most. Everything and everybody else has been following him through this downward spiral, but his relationship with his son still rings true as the one relationship he wants to keep pure. I’ve been saying every week now how I wanted more of Junior on the show, and RJ Mitte delivered this week.

Meanwhile, back in Mexico (It feels weird saying that on this show), Jesse was successfully able to reproduce Walt’s blue meth, and then quickly found out what Gus and the cartel’s plans really were: Jesse will be staying with the cartel full time. I was under the impression last week when Jesse told Walt he was going to Mexico that it wouldn’t be a short-term thing. I don’t know if he thought he would just pop down, cook a batch of meth, and then shoot back up, but that never seemed very realistic to me.

We got some more headway on the B-storyline, which is following the Ted Beneke audit. While I’m not really a fan of this storyline, we did make some good headway this week as Skyler gave Beneke a fake inheritance from a distant aunt. Of course, Ted being Ted, he went and spent a good chunk of it on a brand new Mercedes and proceeded to not pay any of it to the IRS. So of course, Skyler being Skyler, she goes and chews Ted out for making this dumb decision, only to out herself as the one who paid him off. Now this move, I just didn’t understand. The show has been building Skyler up as such a savvy business woman, so I’m not sure why she didn’t just tell Ted that he should pay the IRS off because she is still implicated in his scams. Ted saying that she’s “out of his life” doesn’t make much sense when her name is signed at the bottom of all of his fraudulent documents. I don’t have anything against this more business-heavy side of the story, but it just pales in comparison to scenes like the last one of this episode.

Gus, Mike and Jesse taking on the entire cartel was just freaking awesome. We got some more awesome Gus material here, as he calmly excuses himself to the bathroom to get the poison out of his system while the entire cartel keels over and dies, or is choked to death. Watching Gus dab the sides of his mouth with a hand towel transposed with watching Mike use a wire to choke Gaff to death was the kind of scene Breaking Bad does so well.

It looks like we have a clear storyline for the rest of the season. We’ll either see the cartel’s reaction to this act of war, or we’ll see Gus assume the role of Don Eladio. Does that make him Don Gus? We’ll see next week!

What did you think of this episode? What’s going to happen in the rest of the season? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– I wonder how the people at Chrysler feel about their car being used as a punchline.

– Who’s watching Holly all day while big brother is at school, mom is working at the car wash, and dad is cooking meth?

– Jesse got his second kill tonight. Must be from playing all that RAGE back home. This was the only episode in the last four weeks to NOT have any footage of that video game, so we’ll see if we start up a new streak next week!