Good News – Bad News: THE LYING GAME Extended & THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING Canceled


In a move that, regretfully, isn’t a surprise to those who closely follow TV ratings, the folks at Deadline, are reporting that ABC Family has canceled the freshman drama THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING after only one season; and worse yet, one season that ended with some pretty intense cliffhangers.

As many may remember, the story of Chloe King was this: She is a teenager who discovers she has special cat-like powers, including nine lives, enhanced speed, strength, hearing, agility, night vision and the ability to extend her nails like cat claws, along with the ability to sense human emotions. She soon learns that she is a descendant of an ancient race called the Mai; and that she may be the key to protecting the race from human assassins, who have hunted them for thousands of years.

The series ran for 10 episodes, averaging about 1.5 million viewers each week and starred Skyler Samuels, Benjamin Stone, Amy Pietz, Grace Phipps, Ki Hong Lee, Alyssa Diaz and Grey Damon.

Meanwhile, the cable network has given its other new drama THE LYING GAME an additional 12-episode order despite its less than stellar ratings thus far. The show has aired 5 episodes to date with its ratings averaging 1.4 million viewers per week.

The series follows Emma Becker (Alexandra Chando), a foster kid that can’t catch a break who finds out she has an identical twin sister named Sutton Mercer, who has the life Emma always wanted. They switch places so Sutton can hunt down their biological mother while Emma attempts to pretend to be Sutton and keep their secret, well, secret.

The cast of The Lying Game includes Allie Gonino, Blair Redford, Andy Buckley, Helen Slater, Kirsten Prout and Alice Greczyn and airs on Monday nights at 8/7c.

  • Shame about “9 Lives” after a shaky start I thought it really picked up, and I quite liked it. Call it a guilty pleasure! But it did try a little too hard to be Buffy – but then even that was a little ropey when it started! I guess we’ll never find out how they were going to get themselves out of that finale 🙁

    • I agree with you TheYmp. It started ok, but after a few episode things really did pick up and I was totally hooked by the finale. So sad that we’ll never get a closure for it. Boo!

  • Need4caffine

    I am disappointed but not surprised it got canceled. I am however genuinely upset that it got canceled while something as AWFUL as the lying games got extended.

  • Emli_music

    NOOOO!!!! THIS STINKS!!! Even though “9 lives” had a slow start, I was totally addicted by the end of it. I loved that series!!! And it ended with so many cliffhangers… I WANT TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED!!!! 

  • Crystal191

    OMG! its firefly all over again..bloody hell…who comes up with the insane idea to get rid of good shows…

  • Ricciticcitavi

    I WANT NINE LIVES BACk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Budgielover14

    You know what, let’s start a petition! We might have a chance! I love the nine lives of Chloe king! A website will soon be put up, and we will all sign it! I will post it here after I am finished!