BODY OF PROOF The Complete First Season DVD Review

body of proof season 1 dvd
Coming this week on DVD, ABC is releasing the complete first season of its latest medical drama, BODY OF PROOF. The 2 disc DVD set contains all 9 episodes of Body of Proof along with some limited bonus features.

Body of Proof stars Dana Delany as Dr. Megan Hunt, a former neurosurgeon and now medical examiner who is a bit out of place in her new world. After an unfortunate accident changes Dr. Hunt’s life, as well as the life of one of her patients, Megan finds her way to the Philadelphia Chief Medical Examiner’s office where she works under Dr. Kate Murphy, played by Jeri Ryan. Although the show is centered more around the medical and science aspects of a crime, it still has the criminal procedural and investigation parts. The best of both worlds. Dana Delaney excels in her role and Jeri Ryan, Peter Dunlop, John Carroll Lynch, Geoffrey Arend, Sonja Sohn and Windell Middlebrooks round out an outstanding cast. In addition to Dr. Hunt’s background story, Season 1 of Body of Proof provided viewers with a new murder an autopsy every week.

Let’s talk about the DVD set! There are not a lot of bonus features on the DVD. However, given that Body of Proof is only in its first season and just starting out, that can be forgiven. What is there, you ask? Well, let me tell you:

Examining the Proof – This is a behind-the-scenes feature into the show as a whole. The actors, producers, director, special effects people, and production and set designers all talk about their roles in the show and how they manage to accomplish both a realistic and riveting episode. An interesting fact was that there is at least one autopsy per show. Although not surprising considering Dr. Hunt is a medical examiner, I guess it was not something I really gave much thought to before watching this feature. This feature is about 12 minutes long and provides great insight into the show, the characters and the ideas behind the whole thing.

If Looks Could Kill – As you might have guessed from the title, this is another behind-the-scenes feature, but this one is specifically about dressing the characters, or the costumes. The viewers meet the head costumer designer, an eccentric (but fashionable) looking woman, Roberta Hayz, who has quite an impressive resume. She explains how she decides to dress each character and why she chooses the clothes and even the pallettes that she does. This feature is about 5 minutes long and seems to end rather abruptly.

Body of Goofs – This is your typical blooper/gag reel with a fun title. It contains your usual flubs and acting goofy, although it is different in that many of the mistakes are due to medical terminology. My favorite blooper includes the line “and take that plane.” This feature is about 3 minutes long.

New Evidence: A Sneak Peek at Season 2 – Although labeled a bonus feature and purporting to be a sneak peek, this was really just a 45 second trailer for the new season.

Although the DVD set of Body of Proof is not very lengthy, with only 9 epsiodes and only 3 real bonus features (not even any deleted scenes!), I still think this is a DVD worth a purchase. While Body of Proof has received some negative reviews, I think it is a show just trying to find its footing. It has a more than capable cast, unique characters on the show, and the more scientific focus that is different than other medical shows currently in rotation. I think the show will only get better and having the first season on DVD will be a worthy investment.

Body of Proof The Complete Season 1 on DVD is available on September 20, 2011.

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