THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Season 2 Recap – Read This Before You Watch The Premiere

With a show like THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, which is constantly throwing its viewers twists and shocks, it’s hard to keep up week after week. But if you think that’s bad, try keeping up after four months of hiatus, when most of us haven’t been sitting around watching re-runs or reading interviews.

The second season DVDs are already on shelves but in the event that you don’t have the time to review all the key points of last season, we’ve got you covered with all the important things you need to know in anticipation of the series premiere this week.


The second season didn’t just dive headfirst into mythology and crazy supernatural creatures as much as characters became the mythology and supernatural creatures (only four series regulars – Alaric, Elena, Matt and Jeremy – are fully human, and even Alaric and Jeremy carry magical rings that prevent death by supernatural beings.)

At the beginning of the season, Caroline (who had been seriously injured and fed blood by Damon in order to help her heal) was killed and turned into a vampire by Katherine. A few episodes down the road, Tyler discovered his true form when he accidentally killed a friend and triggered his werewolf curse. And Bonnie, who began to fully understand her witch powers, took center stage performing complicated spells to protect her friends and fight off the Originals.

How will all this play into the next season? For one, Tyler and Caroline (who broke off her relationship with Matt) will be getting closer despite the Romeo and Juliet-esque dilemma – a werewolf’s bite can kill a vampire. Kevin Williamson has also given a few interviews where he claimed Bonnie and her powers would be the center of the story this season. No doubt we’re going to start to discover more about what Bonnie can really do, as well as more about the ancestors she came from.


Death was a prominent figure this past season, and one of the most shocking moments of the finale was the “death” of Jeremy. Thankfully, Bonnie was able to use a resurrection spell to bring him back to life after he was accidentally shot by Sheriff Forbes…but with one catch. Although otherwise unharmed, Jeremy found out that he could now see the ghosts of his dead girlfriends, namely Vicki and Anna. How will this come into play next season? Julie Plec has told fans we’ll know more about Jeremy’s powers within the first few episodes (let’s hope we can wait that long!)

While death might not have truly come for Jeremy this season, it sadly did for a host of new and old characters, including Rose, John Gilbert, Luka, Mason, Elijah*, and most sadly of all, Aunt Jenna. Now officially orphans, Jeremy and Elena will have to take care of themselves.

*Elijah is currently dead, having been struck with the white-ash dagger. However, his “dead” status is dependent on this dagger staying in him. We have hope that it will eventually be removed at some point during the season, allowing him to be resurrected.


We were introduced us to the centuries-old feud between werewolves and vampires, all of which led to one of the biggest plot points of the season – the Sun and Moon Curse, and the reason Klaus came to Mystic Falls in the first place. According to the legend, breaking the curse would allow vampires to walk in the sun (as long as they are the ones to first break it. If the werewolves managed to break the curse first, it would allow them to transform at will.) In order to break the curse, Klaus needed a moonstone, a doppelganger, a vampire, a werewolf, and a witch – all of which Mystic Falls conveniently provided.

The catch of all this? It turned out that Klaus’ true form was actually that of a vampire/werewolf hybrid, his werewolf side having been forced into dormancy. The concept behind the Sun and Moon curse was fake, a simple myth made up by Klaus and Elijah to throw off those who wanted to stop them. The real breaking of the curse allowed Klaus’ werewolf side to become active, thereby allowing him to create his own race. As Joseph Morgan has been added as a series regular for this season, we can bet that we’ll see a lot more of the horror Klaus can bestow on Mystic Falls.


Much of the story this season focused on the Originals – the oldest vampires to walk the earth. We were introduced to Elijah and Klaus (later revealed to be brothers), who, unlike regular vampires, have traits that make them more powerful and deadly (including the fact that they are able to compel other vampires and they are not able to be killed with a simple stake through the heart.)

We first met Elijah through Rose and Trevor, two vampires who made their way to Mystic Falls to try to find Elena. Klaus was introduced to us via the form of our favorite history teacher, Alaric Saltzman. He briefly inhabited Alaric’s body so he could spy on Elena before he became fully resurrected.


Although we had been treated to bits and pieces of Katherine’s past, there was much we were left to speculate about – what exactly made her a vampire? How did she come to have a history with Klaus?

We finally learned that Katherine came from a Bulgarian family and fled to England after giving birth to her own child. She was found by Elijah and Trevor – both who recognized her as the Petrova doppelganger and sought to use her to carry out Klaus’ plan. Trevor ended up saving Katherine out of love when Elijah tried to kill her, and Katherine subsequently chose to become a vampire so that Klaus could not use her to break his curse.

To retaliate, Klaus killed Katherine’s entire family, and it was revealed that the true reason she returned to Mystic Falls was to help Klaus find what he needed to break his curse, which would hopefully get him to spare her life. When we last left Katherine, it was in a rather calm state – she was seen leaving the Salvatore house after giving Elena advice about which brother she should be loyal to. However, it’s safe to say we definitely haven’t seen the last of our favorite vampire.


With so many secrets, it’s hard to remember who’s in the dark and who isn’t. At the end of the season, most of our characters had been clued into the supernatural instances of those in Mystic Falls, including Caroline’s mother, Sheriff Forbes. How will Caroline’s relationship with her mother fare now that her mom is aware of her daughter’s undead status? We’re betting that this season will focus largely on that relationship.

Also keeping a secret? Former “good boy” Stefan. At the end of the season, Stefan made a deal with Klaus in order to save Damon from the werewolf bite inflicted on him by Tyler. Klaus then forced Stefan to feed on human blood, which caused him to fully reveal his usually dormant dark side. At the end of the season, the two vampires were seen leaving Mystic Falls to wreak havoc on the world.

Stefan’s storyline and the relationship between Elena and Damon as they bond to rescue him will no doubt be one of the biggest storylines of the show this season…one that should have an interesting affect on all our characters.


Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries premieres on September 15 at 8p on the CW. It’s one of the most anticipated returns of the fall, so be sure not to miss it!

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