THE SECRET CIRCLE “Pilot” Advance Review

The CW premieres its latest teen supernatural type show tonight, THE SECRET CIRCLE. I had the opportunity to preview the pilot in advance and I am a fan. First, as I have said before, the teen dramas have become so much more intriguing lately and are even more well written than many of the regular primetime dramas. The Secret Circle is no different. Then, when you add in the lovely Brittany Robertson (formerly Lux on Life Unexpected), I am hooked. This show has everything you would expect from a story involving witches including, magic, secrets, mysterious deaths, mysterious accidents, a person identified as “evil” and consumed with power, and a good witch. What good is a show about witches without a Glinda? This show’s Glinda is named Diana. That could change with Cassie in town though.

The Secret Circle centers around Cassie Blake (Brittany Robertson) who loses her mother in a fire thereby necessitating a move cross country to live with her grandmother as her father died before she was born. The show gives us a glimpse of Cassie’s life before her mother’s death, but soon finds its way to Cassie’s new home in Chance Harbor. Everyone in town seems to know who she is, but Cassie finds nothing but questions about the town, her mother, and the teenagers so eager to embrace her. It is not long before the magic is introduced and Cassie finds out just enough to worry her and intrigue her.

Aside from Cassie, who I kept calling Lux in my head, I did not recognize anyone else on the cast. For me, that is a good thing if for nothing other than not confusing them with a former character. I thought the girl that played the “evil” one of the group (Faye), Phoebe Tonkin, was exceptional in her role. She has the perfect evil/sadistic grin. Another stand out actor was the girl that played Diana, Shelley Hennig, who could go from the perfect student to a menacing threat in an instant.

The Secret Circle is a show that will keep me coming back for more. So many questions were raised in this one episode, I need to return for the answers alone. I think this show has what it takes along the lines of Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game. It has excellent actors that are convincing and storylines that are multi-leveled and, at times, confusing. Exactly what I want in my drama.

Tune in tonight at 9 pm ET to The Secret Circle on The CW and then come back here and let me know what you thought in the comments below. Is this show a keeper?

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