SUPERNATURAL THURSDAYS: What I’d Love to See in Season 7

Supernatural - Season 7

Hey folks! We are down to just over a week left until summer hellatus is over and I’m glad to see we all survived. And now that my wonderful writing partner Kelly has had a chance to tell us her thoughts on the seventh season of SUPERNATURAL, I thought I’d take a stab at it, too.

The tough part about writing this is that I’m about as spoiled as a person can get at this point and already know a lot about what’s going to happen in the first few episodes of the season. But as there are still plenty more episodes to go, I decided to write this article as if I weren’t spoiled at all, as if I (like many of you) were going into the season premiere not knowing anything beyond what we saw in last season’s finale.

Lots more scary sh*t

Supernatural - Folsom Prison Blues

The first episode of Supernatural I ever saw scared the living daylights out of me. That scene in ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ when the ghost pops up in the peephole in the door? That made me jump about a foot off my bed and grab my pillow to scream into (so as not to wake my slumbering roommate). I also jumped in the pilot when Sam nearly hit the ghost with the Impala, plus in ‘Bloody Mary’ when Mary came crawling out of the broken mirror.

In later seasons I remember being scared by episodes like ‘Family Remains’, but now I can’t seem to remember the last time I was scared by the show. I sure would love a return to that because there’s nothing more fun to me than a scene that makes me jump and squeak.

More monsters, please

Supernatural - Scarecrow

I’m all for the funny episodes, the meta episodes, and of course the myth arc episodes. But in between I’d like some more “Monsters of the Week”. It seems like these days when Sam and Dean discover something new, it’s a big badass thing that proceeds to kick their butts for the next few episodes (if not an entire season).

I want to more scary creatures that the boys have to study all the lore about, and then kill, all in one episode. No fuss, no muss. Something like the Wendigo, the Shritga, the Scarecrow, or even just more ghosts, werewolves and vampires.

Another Bobby-centric episode

Supernatural - Weekend at Bobby's

Bobby is the boys’ rock. He’s there for them through thick and thin and has become more than just a replacement for their dad. Indeed Bobby has been there for them when John wasn’t and has played a more active role in their lives as adults. John may have raised them from boys into hunters, but Bobby has been by their sides as men.

Last season’s ‘Weekend at Bobby’s’ gave us a glimpse into his life and I would love to see another episode like that this season. I’d especially love to see flashbacks to a young Bobby back when he just started hunting.

Redemption for Castiel

Supernatural - The Man Who Would Be King

Castiel has been there for Sam and Dean since he pulled Dean from Hell and while I do agree that he’s made one serious mistake, I don’t think it means that his character should be trashed forever. Let’s not forget that Dean tortured souls in Hell and Sam has not only spent a period of his life drinking demon blood, he also spent a period of his life soulless and doing God knows what.

The point is, we were able to get past those things with the boys and though I’m sure the writers have some awful things in store for Cass, my hope is that they plan to fix him when they are done. I can watch my favorite angel be bad for a little while (as I’m sure Misha will rock as evil Cass), but only as long as I know redemption will follow at some point.

An awesome cliffhanger season finale

Supernatural - Bad Moon Riding

Okay here’s one area where I’ve allowed my spoiled side to show through. No, I don’t mean the spoiled brat side of me (though she’s here as well), but the side that’s read a lot about this upcoming season. One thing that I’ve heard from more than one source (which is NOT spoilerish by the way) is the fact that there are certain cast and crew members who seem very confident of a season 8.

I know anything can happen in the course of a season but I’m just gonna roll with this idea of them coming back next year and if so, I want a fantastic season finale on par with season 1. Don’t get me wrong, there have been other fantastic season finales and all are great in their own way. But I want something that makes me gasp the way that semi did when it rammed into the Impala, and we were left with all three Winchesters unconscious and the strings of ‘Bad Moon Rising’ playing on the radio.


Okay so there’s what I want for season 7. What do you guys think? Do you agree? Disagree? What do you want to see in this upcoming season of Supernatural?

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