PROJECT RUNWAY “What Women Want” Review

PROJECT RUNWAY Season 9 Episode 8 What Women Want (5)

PROJECT RUNWAY “What Women Want” Season 9 Episode 8 – I’m just going to come out there and say it PROJECT RUNWAY fans. Olivier needs to go.

This week’s episode just showed that he has one way to design, and will not even ATTEMPT to be flexible in what he creates. For those of you that are wondering: This week on Project Runway, the contestants are not working with their usual models.

Instead, the designers are working with a different client. At first, they believe that they will be doing a piece designed for a man, but it turns out the boyfriends/husbands are just there for consultation purposes. They will work with the designer and give them an idea of what their significant other likes and from that description, the designers will make a look for that woman.

Here’s where it got interesting. Olivier apparently has never worked with a woman who is a “real” size before. He in fact called the clients “fat” and while he said that fat was okay – it wasn’t okay for a runway. While I understand that models are a different size than the “everyday” woman, really Olivier?

He also goes on to mention that he never works with woman who have breasts, and at one point actually has to ask Tim was a “double D” bust size means. Tim has him ask one of the women, who explains that it is a cup size. Now.. as a designer, even if you don’t work with woman with that size breast, shouldn’t you understand the woman SHAPE? Or am I off base by thinking this?

Regardless, Olivier works with his clients to create a top/pant combo. I will say that his couple were a little more vocal than the others, but at the same time Olivier kept explaining that all he wanted to do was “work with a model” who didn’t talk. THIS rubbed me the wrong way. It was down to the wire with Olivier like usual – he was sewing two minutes before his piece was set to walk the runway.

Now that I’ve spent half my review talking about Olivier, let’s move on. Josh M is given the challenge of creating something for his client that is “plain”. She doesn’t even like the embellishments that he bought from Mood, so Josh actually uses her input and her preference and creates an ADORABLE cocktail dress edged in lace with a strong “V”back and super cute flare skirt. I would have worn this dress in a second.

Anthony Ryan’s look had potential – his client was trying to recreate a dress that had been lost in an airport. She loved vintage and retro looking garments, but what Anthony created looked like a Wonder Woman costume gone horrible wrong. The judges even agreed – Michael at one point said it had a superhero vibe to it; while Nina thought it looked like a cheerleader.

Viktor put together a skirt/top set that fit his client PERFECTLY. Not only in style, but in personality as well. During Tim’s assessments he even said that he could see the client wearing the outfit out of the workroom it fit her so well.

Anya created a kimono inspired dress that the judges LOVED, but I was NOT too sure of. It had one long sleeve, with the other arm bare, short in the front and long in the back… it was an interesting piece and that is why I didn’t HATE it, but it wasn’t my favorite of the runway.

Bert had a trial working with his clients. The husband was FIXATED on his wife’s breasts, to the point that I was uncomfortable FOR Bert. The more plunging the neckline the better, and Bert created a “very safe” (so said the judges) cocktail dress. While the client loved it and it fit her well, Heidi wants Bert to step it up and tells him that he won’t be in the competition much longer if he doesn’t.

Bryce had a difficult time. His client was “fun” and loved pink, so what did Bryce do? Well, initially he had this dress created that made his dress form look like a Star Trek reject. Pink down the middle with silver on the sides… not so much, Bryce. He decides at the last minute to change his look and goes with a full pink dress with pockets, a huge hem, and detailing along the back.

Needless to say, the judges weren’t impressed. The pockets were MASSIVE, the dress didn’t fit properly.. overall the only thing that they liked about it was the pink color.

So who went home and who won the challenge? Well, Olivier, Laura, and Kimberly were all safe. Bert, Anthony Ryan, and Bryce were in the bottom three with Joshua, Viktor, and Anya in the top.

Personally, I think Viktor should have been the winner of this challenge, but he and Anya were both safe, leaving the winning look to Joshua. To give credit where it is due, Josh’s dress was perfect, and he DID listen to his client and created something that he normally would NOT have created. So kudos, Joshua.

Bert was safe with the warning of making things more interesting next time, and Anthony Ryan was given another chance in the next challenge. This leaves poor Bryce as the designer that is now “out”. I do think that the correct choice was made by the judges. I don’t think Bryce was fully invested in Project Runway, or maybe it was lack of experience, but he always seemed like he was a step behind the other designers.

I look forward to seeing what he will do in the future!

Now we’re down to only eight designers, and next week – another group challenge!

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