NECESSARY ROUGHNESS “Goal Line” Season 1 Episode 12 – I can honestly say that I was shocked by “Goal Line,” the finale of the first season of Necessary Roughness and that hasn’t happened to me since…well…since Brennan told Booth she was pregnant at the end of last season’s Bones.

But before we get to the ending, let’s talk about everything that led up to it. Despite a very bumpy, therapy-worthy season, the Hawks and TK have made it to the playoffs. It’s time to bring it…only TK is having panic attacks thanks to a player on the Chicago team who has made it his goal to rattle TK before the big game. Isn’t deliberate and specific trash-talking considered unsportsmanlike behavior or does anything go these days?

While TK is trying to figure out why he’s letting the Chicago player get into his head, Nico is faced with a huge personal decision that actually leads him to Dani’s couch in the middle of the night. In a professional way, not a naked one. He’s been asked by his boss, the Hawk’s owner, to dig up any and all dirt on his wife, Gabrielle, in preparation for the divorce and custody battle over the team. The problem is that Nico himself is part of that dirt, as he and Gabrielle had an affair that probably isn’t over in Nico’s heart. And while Gabrielle swears that her daughter isn’t Nico’s, it’s clear that they’ve both always wished she was. Now Nico has to choose between protecting his lover or compromising his own moral code by lying.

I love that he didn’t compromise himself, but he didn’t exactly hand over his secrets either. He made it clear to his boss’s lawyer that there was dirt and it involved him, but if the man wants to know, he’s going to have to ask Nico himself, not chicken out and have a lawyer do it for him. Nico is all man. And I like it. I like it a lot.

And as one marriage is starting to break up, another is coming to an official end. Dani signs her divorce papers, making her a single woman again, much to the dismay of her children. I really thought that the kids would have moved past their anger over the divorce by this point, but I guess teenagers are fickle. It still seems like they blame Dani, as if she should have just overlooked her husband’s infidelity in order to keep the family together. That’s actually pretty selfish of them, but again…teenagers. At least Dani is an awesome (and professionally trained) mother who acknowledges their anger and forgives them for it, without actually apologizing like she did something wrong.

Now that she’s free from her bad marriage, Dani is also looking forward to the future, which right now seems to be Matthew. I can’t blame her; he is a hottie. And there’s something sexy about a guy laying it all out on the table, no pretenses, no “will they, won’t they?” Add in the fact that he totally understands why she needs to take calls from TK during dinner dates and he’s pretty much the perfect guy for Dani. Let’s hope she doesn’t screw it up next year.

Because there has to be another year. I have to find out what happens to TK. After overcoming his panic attacks thanks to an emergency locker room session with Dani, TK rejoins the big playoff game. He doesn’t score the winning touchdown himself, but by tackling the Chicago player who’d been out to get him, he allows his teammate to score. The glory of the win belongs to TK and just when it seems like he’s finally figured everything out…his fame, his ego, his feelings for Vivica, his anger management…a random, disgruntled Chicago fan in a bar pulls out a gun and shoots him.

This is why I don’t like sports. People get too crazy. You never (okay, rarely) see Star Trek fans going after Star Wars fans with guns. I’m just saying.

So, will TK survive? If so, will he be able to play again? Is the Superbowl dream over or can the team rebound? We’ll have to wait until next summer and the return of Necessary Roughness to find out.

What did you think of the finale? Did Vivica walk away from TK too easily? Should Dani be jumping into bed with Matthew only days after signing her divorce papers? Let me know below!!