CASTLE The Complete Third Season DVD Review

castle season 3 dvd
ABC is set to release The Complete Third Season of CASTLE on DVD. The 5 disc DVD set has all 24 episodes as well as over one hour of bonus features. This DVD set is loaded!

The third season of Castle picks up after the whole Beckett and Castle debacle of the last season. Just as Beckett was ready to tell Castle how she felt, he took off to finish his novel and did not keep touch. In the third season, Beckett and Castle are brought back together after quite some time apart, some crushed feelings and some awkwardness. The season centers around their efforts to repair both their personal and working relationships. Also, there are murders. A lot of murders. And a trip to Hollywood. There is also the guest appearance of Laura Prepon, a favorite of mine. Even better were her imitations of Beckett.

Forget the episodes though, this DVD set is about the Bonus Features! It is jam packed with bonus features, at least a few on every disc. What are they? Well let me tell you:

Deleted Scenes– There were deleted scenes on every disc for a total of 14 scenes. The first one is actually a director’s cut that shows you the actual scene that aired and the version that did not. The scene was from “A Deadly Affair” and I think the director’s cut was a lot better, although I understand why they cut it after listening to the audio commentary. My favorite deleted scene involved one with Castle and Jim Beckett in “Castle Meets Jim Beckett.”

Audio Commentary – There is audio commentary on two full episodes, “A Deadly Affair” and “3XK”. The first audio commentary is provided by Nathan Fillion (Castle), Rob Bowman (Director/Executive Producer) and Andrew Marlow (Creator/Executive Producer/Writer). The commentary took you behind the scenes as to the thinking behind everything including camera angles, placement of dead bodies, and even the placement of Castle’s cardboard cut out. There was a lot of banter and jokes such as “Looks like someone got killed” when a dead body appeared on screen. I never gave much thought into how much planning and thinking goes into each episode, but after listening to this commentary, I am amazed. The second commentary is provided by Bill Roe (Director), David Amann (Executive Producer/Writer) and Seamus Dever (Ryan) and Jon Huertas (Esposito). This commentary was a bit more lighthearted thanks to Seamus and Jon. I loved how the actors found out information about guest stars as they were providing the commentary. It felt nonscripted and almost as if you were in the room with them.

Murder They Wrote – This is a roundtable feature with Nathan Fillion, author Michael Connelly, Brian Michael Bendis (graphic novelist), Andrew Marlow, and Rob Bowman. Does Michael Connelly identify with Castle? How much does he use research for his books? The answers are in this feature, along with other tidbits and discussions about authors versus the Castle version of a mystery writer.

Castle Goes Hollywood – This is a behind-the-scenes look at the Hollywood epsiode. Although Castle actually films in Hollywood, the set is designed to look like New York, where the show takes place. This episode was their chance to film in California in all of its glory. Also, the set that Castle goes to for the filming of his book is actually the Castle set. There is a lot of other background information and an appearance by Gene Simmons.

Bloopers – The blooper reel did have me laughing. It is about four minutes long and not disappointing. My favorite involves the line “What does my badge say?”

Murder Boards – As you can probably guess from the title, this feature has to do with the murder boards that the precinct always refer to in each episode. However, the feature is way more interesting than it sounds. We learn exactly who makes the message boards, how, what is used, how they are updated, and how many there are. It is a quick three minutes in total, but full of facts. Definitely worth a view especially if you are a police procedural fan.

This is a DVD that you buy for the bonus features, as well as for the show itself. It is not often that you find over 60 minutes of bonus features including two commentaries, three behind-the-scenes and numerous deleted scenes. It is almost like having two or three additional episodes. There is also a music video titled “Get on the Floor” highlighting scenese from the show. That I was kind of meh about. The rest of it? Worth the purchase.

Castle The Complete Third Season on DVD is available for purchase on September 20, 2011.

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