The Four Craziest Medical Situations on PRIVATE PRACTICE

private practice

There are a lot of reasons to watch PRIVATE PRACTICE, from the pretty dresses the doctors rock, to Taye Diggs running (or Taye Diggs doing push-ups, or any sweat-inducing activity) but if you tune in for the medical drama there’s little disappointment.

They’ve got a pediatrician, two shrinks, a sexologist, a (sadly departed) midwife, a neonatal surgeon, and a fertility specialist. Which means you’ve got cute kids, even cuter babies, and sex; a recipe for TV gold every night of the week. Here we have four of the craziest medical subplots, the kind that will have you hopping on google wondering: “Is that even possible?”

1. Not Cool, Man (Season 4, Episode 2, “Short Cuts”)

The hippie doc (Tim Daly) gives a mother struggling with an autistic child some medical marijuana for her migraines, and she decides it’s a good idea to give it to her kid. Seeing the way she struggles with her child all on her own can have the viewers on her side at first. But when the good doc cuts off her stash, she goes to her friendly neighborhood dealer. The problem is, street weed isn’t as regulated, and the spiked stash lands the kid in the ER. The mother is hauled off by the police, and poor Cooper is left with the task of explaining to the child why his mom was taken away

2.Womb Mates (Season 3, Episode 5, “Strange Bedfellows”)

Talk about a big mistake. Two women were brought into the office to have their own fertilized eggs implanted, but someone wasn’t paying attention and the eggs were swapped. One woman and her husband can just start all over (most likely in another clinic), but the other women’s husband is dead and the child the other woman is carrying is the only chance she has at having a child with him.

3. Rock Paper Scissor Sob (“Season 3, Episode 13, Shotgun”)

An episode that was completely heartbreaking, a couple conceived a child so their twin daughters suffering from cancer could benefit from the core blood. After the baby’s born, they find there’s only enough core blood to save one child. Just when you thought it wasn’t going to get any sadder, the dad admits he can play favorites, and will be able to pull a Sophie’s Choice. Then it gets even sadder when the tiny dying sister wishes the one that will live well. And to think you wouldn’t even share your doll with your sister.

4. Extreme Kidnapping (Season 2, Episode 22, “Yours, Mine and Ours”)

Yes it involves one of the main doctors, but really no Private Practice list is complete without the savage attack on a very pregnant Violet. After one of her psych patients miscarries, she becomes convinced Violet is pregnant with her baby, and shows up at her doorstep to injecting her with a web-bought paralysis inducing shot (the things you can find online these days); she then proceeds to cut the baby out of her and leave her for dead. Luckily the butchered doctor is found in time and her baby is retrieved, and they’re now living adorably with the baby’s father. But what the hell are they going to tell the kid when he asks about the night he was born?

So which medical moments on Private Practice made you cry or gasp? Are you looking forward to season five?

This article was written by Molly Horan, an MFA student at The New School. You can find her on twitter at @molly_horan.