SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC “I Need Redemption” Review

Survivor: South Pacific “I Need Redemption” – Season 23 Episode 1 – Put on your buffs and light your torches, everybody, because Survivor is back! However, Survivor isn’t the only thing returning tonight, as we see two former castaways also come back into the fray. Coach from Tocantins and Heroes Vs. Villains and Ozzy from Cook Islands and Fans Vs. Favorites are both back for their third game, and are hoping the third time’s a charm.

The whole “Redemption Island” hook from last season was pretty polarizing with Survivor fans, but apparently CBS decided that enough people liked it to bring it back. I for one actually love the Redemption Island mechanic. Not only does it showcase all of the awesome games that the Survivor crew comes up with, but it also keeps people on the show longer and allows us to get to know the contestants a bit better.

Apart from reintroducing Redemption Island and the two returning castaways, this was a great Survivor premiere. I usually feel like I barely know any of the characters after the first episodes of new seasons, as they need to introduce so many new personalities in one episode, but I definitely have some favorites already. John (or should I say “Cochran”?) is definitely going to be a fan favorite. Not only is it great to see such devout fans of the show get a chance to compete, but you can’t help but feel proud of him for his small victory of taking his shirt off amidst all of the beautiful castaways. Brandon Hantz will also be a favorite of mine, but mostly because I’m still such a huge fan of his uncle. I was a bit confused by his beef with Mikayla, though. It seems like he was uncomfortable with how much cleavage she was showing, but she wasn’t even that bad. He’s going to see a lot worse during the course of this game, so get used to it, Brandon!

With the good contestants, though, must come the bad. Dawn is quickly emerging as my most hated contestant. My pet peeve in this game is people who sign up for it, and take the spot of somebody who might really want it, and then they lose their composure after ONE night. I mean, come on. I know you might be thinking “Sure Luke, that’s easy to say when you’re sitting comfortably on your couch”, but here’s the deal. I would NEVER try to get on this game. If you know you couldn’t handle living in these conditions, then don’t sign up for the game. It’s that simple.

Survivor has definitely shown how great they are at building intricate and compelling games for their contestants to take part in, and today’s immunity challenge was no different. It was a great, multi-layered challenge, and I hope they continue on the same level of originality and creativity for the rest of the season.

The result was actually a bit surprising to me. I love Cochran and his enthusiasm for the game, but his argument at tribal came off as a bit desperate. Saying that you shouldn’t base your reasons for voting somebody off by your experiences in the first few days is a stupid thing to say. It begs the question that Semhar asked: “What are we supposed to base it on?”

We’ll see if Semhar will redeem herself from her awful performance in the challenge and make a splash in Redemption Island, but I highly doubt that’ll happen. Either way, I’ll see you all next week!

Random Thoughts:

– Does anybody else hate how every TV show now has the little watermark on the bottom that says “#Survivor” or whatever the name of the show is? Does this actually make people tweet about it more? Either way, it just comes off a little too pretentious.

– Coach demonstrated my other Survivor pet peeve: Planning for who you want with you at the end of the game on day one. You should worry about the here and now, man! It’s time to be a better strategizer!

– Ozzy smashing that red egg on his shirt might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but that giant red splotch on his shirt is going to get old if he sticks around for 39 days and wears the same shirt every day.