SONS OF ANARCHY “Booster” Review

Sons of Anarchy

SONS OF ANARCHY “Booster” Season 4 Episode 2 – It’s the morning after the night before in Charming, and the Sons need to get their business sorted out post-Russians. The Mayans hook them up with a drugs cartel run by Romero (played by the awesome Danny Trejo); the Sons won’t just be selling them guns, they will be running drugs too. Jax is understandably upset (as is the rest of the club, once Clay tells them) but Clay asks Jax to back his decision. Jax agrees, in return for being allowed to leave the club without repercussions once Clay stands down, Opie taking over as club president. Whether the Sons go forward with running drugs for the cartel is officially left to a vote, but the events of the episode leave little choice in the matter.

Things go awry when Russians turn up and take Jax and Opie hostage. They want their guns back within the hour – guns which are now far from Charming and are intended to go to Romero. It’s this last point that saves the day – Romero and his guys turn up and take out enough Russians to free Jax and Opie. ‘Cartel doesn’t know we still have to vote this in, do they?’ Bobby asks. ‘That’s our business, not theirs,” Clay replies.

But before Clay and the guys could get to Opie and Jax, they had to deal with a visit from Sheriff Roosevelt who, by the way, is a magnificent bastard. While Linc Potter sits around waiting for information to continue building his case around the Sons and their associates, Roosevelt, suspecting the Sons of involvement in the Russians deaths, goes right ahead and visits the clubhouse. Under the flimsy guise of investigating a potential fire/fire hazard, he (accompanied by a fire crew) takes an axe to the clubhouse, paying particular attention to the wall of honour with its framed mugshots. Obviously Sheriff Roosevelt is not someone to be messed with, but is he someone that the Sons could possibly get on their side? His contempt for ‘Mayor’ Hale is incredibly obvious.

During all of this, Gemma worries about the note from Maureen that she found the previous day. Determined to find the letters that John wrote (which he sent to Maureen, who sent them home with Jax at the end of last season), Gemma searches the entire house before heading to Tara’s office at the hospital. There she finds the letters, as well as an accident report from 1993 detailing the events of John’s death. Tara’s obviously been investigating; what will Gemma do now?

[Correction: I said that Lyla is pregnant in last week’s review. The dialogue in this episode clarifies that Opie is hoping for her to get pregnant soon. Apologies for the mistake!]

This was a really enjoyable episode. I love the way season 4 is continuing with the theme of history, but instead of travelling the globe and searching for a missing child, we’re right at home in Charming. The mystery of what really happened to John Teller is seeming less and less like a mystery to the viewer, but it will be interesting to see how Tara puts the pieces together and what she does with the information. The club is so close to fracturing, especially with a divisive issue like drugs running going to a vote, is John’s death being dragged up something that the Sons can deal with right now?

I can’t even express how much I love Sheriff Roosevelt and Linc Potter. While we’ve had great baddies in the past – RIP Stahl – Roosevelt looks like an equal match for the Sons. He has his idea of how the town should be run, he has balls, and he’s willing to get his hands dirty keeping everyone in line, but unlike characters such as Stahl, Roosevelt’s way of thinking and his aims seem quite admirable. Better yet, he seems like the type of character that the Sons could potentially work with, albeit not in the same way as Unser. As for Linc, well, he was sitting around in his war room drinking milkshake and chilling out. That’s as good a reason to like him as any, I think.

So, what will happen to SAMCRO? The president is preparing for his imminent stepping down, the VP wants to leave, they haven’t been left with much choice but to run drugs for the cartel, and now John’s death is potentially going to be an issue for them almost twenty years later. Things are not looking good. What do you think, dear reader? What is the future of the Sons of Anarchy?

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