MELISSA & JOEY “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” and “The Settlement” Review

MELISSA & JOEY Season Finale

MELISSA & JOEY “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” and “The Settlement” Season 1 Episodes 29 & 30 – The first season of MELISSA & JOEY wraps up with a two part finale that really just felt like two separate episodes. The first epsiode, “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” centered around Lennox going to homecoming with the very responsible Brendan who felt the need to stock up on condoms before the dance. The second episode, “The Settlement” broached the topic of what would happen if Joe recovered and was able to live on his own. Would he abandon the Burke/Scanlon family? Would it change the dynamic between Mel and Joe thereby allowing them to pursue a romantic relationship?

My favorite Joe moments, aside from the banter with he and Mel, are when Joe is being the overprotective father like in the homecoming episode. Even if Mel thinks “You bore, you bully, you blah”, Joe is consistent in his parenting/nanny role. It is curious that Mel thought Lennox would act differently than she did at her all night homecoming party, especially because she also lied to her parents all the time. Luckily, Lennox has a good head on her shoulders and is taking control of the situation. I loved how Mel just popped up from the hiding in the back of the car. Also, Ryder finally stands up to Holly and actually plays Holly off of study buddy Charlotte and it seems to be working. Who knew English literature could have such an effect?

In the second episode, Joe learns that he is going to acquire enough money to move out, start over and get on with his life. That means no more nanny and maybe a “plus one.” Even as Mel is freaking out inside, she supports him all along, helping him move and bringing him dinner which they then eat by candlelight. This episode offered some highlights for the romantic Mel and Joe fans including a kiss! However, I was much relieved when the money fell through, Joe was back to being the nanny and living with Mel and all was right in the world. Too bad the couch had to be sacrificed.

Some of the best lines from the two episodes include:

“Bad Boydar. It’s my superpower” – Mel to Joe

“Like when you pull a bandaid off slowly so it doesn’t hurt as much” Holly to Ryder

“Open and honest is the way to go with kids. Says the woman hiding beneath a blanket in the back seat.” Mel and Joe

What did you think of these two episodes and the end of Season 1 of Melissa & Joey? Was it what you expected? What about the taste of a romantic Joe and Mel? Is that something you want more or do you prefer the nanny/family dynamic we have had all along? Tell us down below!

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