BONES’ Star David Boreanaz Will Crossover To THE FINDER

As BONES’ fans know; the series has a spin off that will begin during midseason to make room for Bones star Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy. According to TV Line, it seems that THE FINDER has found a new director for an episode in David Boreanaz.

In addition to being a star on Bones, Boreanaz has directed four episodes for the series, and now will try his eye behind the camera of the spinoff. It’s also been said that he will bring his character, Booth, in FRONT of the cameras on The Finder as well!

Geoff Stults, actor on The Finder stated: “We’re not exactly sure who and when, but its happening… David’s going to be there. I think honestly the only one that’s for sure not is Emily because of her pregnancy.”

Are you looking forward to The Finder? Will you tune in? Let us know your thoughts!

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