AWKWARD “My Super Bittersweet Sixteen” Review

AWKWARD “My Super Bittersweet Sixteen” Season 1 Episode 9 – Just like her new hero, Molly Ringwald, Jenna has an excruciating sixteenth birthday with a surprise ending in “My Super Bittersweet Sixteen,” this week’s Awkward.

To kick off her awful day, Jenna fails her driving test, despite the help of her lucky rainbow socks (very sweetly given to her by her dad who doesn’t get enough screen time in proportion to her mother), and will continue to be at the mercy of her parents for rides to and from school.

As if this isn’t bad enough, CC (Creepy Counselor) calls Jenna into her office, but it turns out she just wants to give her a copy of the Ringwald masterpiece that has seen so many girls through their sixteenth birthdays. You know, deferring to John Hughes might actually be the only good choice that Val has ever made as a guidance counselor.

But it seems like it’ll take more than a DVD to turn Jenna’s day around. Tamara still isn’t speaking to her after the keg party kiss, although I continue to be confused as to why Jenna wants to speak to her! That letter was cruel, even under the guise of being helpful, and although part of Jenna’s big revelation at the end of the episode is that the letter was right about some stuff, it was still a really horrible way of telling your friend she needs to work on a few things in her life. Maybe Jenna’s just a better person than me; I would have been making solemn vows to cut Tamara out of my life entirely.

You would have thought that giving a student a present, which is frowned on by most educational institutions, would have been enough for CC, but no…she decides to perform a rap about Jenna’s birthday in the middle of the cafeteria, much to Sadie’s evil delight. And in the middle of all that humiliation, Jenna starts her period and ruins a good pair of pants.

Unable to get an emergency pair from Tamara, she has to wear her gym shorts to the big football game after school. Fortunately her strange attire doesn’t put off Jake (who’s really the only person still talking to her after the party); he sits with her at the game and strong-arms Matty into joining them. The triangle might be the strongest shape, but it’s also the most awkward. And for Sadie, the most infuriating. After doing her best to keep Jenna away from Matty, she continues to fail and the only thing she can do is dump iced coffee onto Jenna’s shirt. Poor, frustrated, chubby cheerleader.

The crazy doesn’t even end when Jenna finally gets home. Although she apologizes to Matty in the car on the way there, the conversation ends with them rather reluctantly agreeing to be friends. Just when she needs the familiar comfort of her bedroom, Jenna’s mom reveals her big birthday present….a completely redecorated room that looks like it belongs on a reality show. The kicker? There’s a mirror over the bed.

I’m much older than Jenna, but the only thing that’s ever hung over my bed was a poster of Chris O’Donnell as Robin in Batman Forever circa 1995.

Oh, crazy mom. At least the startling realization that the personal mementos from her life (including her birth certificate which really ought to be in a safe) can fit into a single box somehow propels Jenna out of her complacency. Yes, her birthday sucked, but it’s not over yet. Molly Ringwald made it through hers and she got Jake!

And Jenna gets Matty. A la Sixteen Candles, he swoops in at the last minute to make Jenna’s sixteenth birthday awesome. It doesn’t hurt that her bedroom is now a sex lair.

One more episode of Awkward left until the season finale. Good thing it’ll be back in 2012; there’s just too much to wrap up in 22 more minutes.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Should CC be fired before next year? How did Ming get mono when she’s not allowed to look at boys? Let me know below!!