WEEDS “Une Mère Que J’aimerais Baiser” Review

WEEDS “Une Mère Que J’aimerais Baiser” Season 7 Episode 11 – In my review for last week’s episode I received an interesting comment criticizing me for my negativity towards this show. It’s not the first time I’ve received a comment complaining that I’m too negative or positive towards a show, and it certainly won’t be the last. But it is an interesting point to make when writing about a show you enjoy, as I enjoy Weeds, and giving that show negative reviews on an episode to episode basis. It’s one of the unique challenges of writing television reviews versus writing reviews based on a whole story, like a film or a book. Because of the episodic nature of television, it’s like giving an assessment of a book on a chapter to chapter scale. Some chapters are going to be awesome, some chapters are going to sag. But just because one or two chapters suck does not mean that the book as a whole sucks: the first chapter of Harry Potter sucks, but the book is awesome.

What I’m trying to say, in the most roundabout way imaginable, is that despite the occasional suckiness of some episodes of Weeds (and for me, any episode which concentrates on Doug doing nothing or Andy and his bikes usually gets a snore) I still love the show. And this episode, which according to Nancy, the title of which means “MILF”, rocked my socks off. It was funny, it was risqué, it was dangerous, sly and clever, it had a few emotional wallops and it was just all round amazing. It was a perfect example of how good Weeds could be, and the fact that the show is seven seasons in and Jenji Kohan and her writers are still able to whip out an episode like this is an amazing feat, but I would have thought this episode rocked had it been back in the heyday of the first few seasons.

One thing a lot of people love about shows like Breaking Bad or Dexter or Friday Night Lights is watching these characters in their element: for Breaking Bad it’s watching Walter and Jesse in the lab; for Dexter it’s watching Dexter kill someone strapped to a table; for Friday Night Lights it’s a good old game of football. For Weeds, it’s watching Nancy kick ass, because Nancy is a world class pimp, so seeing her in her element, watching Mary Louise Parker get to really sink her teeth into some juicy material and pass dime bags off to rich ignoramuses in the Hamptons was too glorious for words, and had the episode ended after her selling scenes I would have ranked this among my favorite of the season.

But then Andy got super drunk. Last week I felt really bad for Justin Kirk and his stupid nail gun (okay, so I didn’t feel all that bad). This week however we got a glimpse of Andy’s desperate situation from his perspective, his unrequited lust for a “sociopath”. It was such a good, uncomfortable scene as he tried to force his hand up her dress and eventually settled for grabbing onto her boob. It could have been funny, but I’m glad that the director and actors played it straight. It shows just how subtly good Mary Louise Parker is as well: were any other actress playing that role, I think they would have hardened after being accused of being a sociopath. She doesn’t: she crumples, while still maintaining control of the situation, and remains as aloof from Andy – and the audience – as ever.

Finally, the other major upset was Silas’ declaration of war on Nancy. Again there was a physical threat: he half challenged her to wrestle the data of customers from him. This is the season’s main story arc, this fractured relationship between Silas and Nancy, and their final confrontation promises so much more to come.

I just hope that the show doesn’t waste the potential it has on its hands. Again.

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