THE PROTECTOR “Ghosts” Review

THE PROTECTOR “Ghosts” Season 1 Episode 12 – After watching an episode of The Protector like “Ghosts,” it’s not hard to see why Lifetime has decided not to renew the show for a second season. Everything that has bothered me about it was fully evident in this week’s offering, proof that, for once, a studio executive made the right choice.

So, two people are killed during a robbery of a high-stakes poker game. It becomes clear right away that the robbery is just a cover to murder one of the players, who has mob ties. Of course. After a series of very boring twists and turns, the detectives are lead back to a gang boss and convicted murderer who skipped bail and has been on the run for years. Having become something of a legend, he suddenly decided that revenge took precedence over hiding and risked being exposed (which he was) to kill again. Um…okay.

I wish I could say that I was fascinated by this story, but I found myself struggling to keep my eyes open (thanks in no small part to Lifetime moving it back to 11 p.m.) It was formulaic and half-baked and just could not hold my interest. That spark of life that I have been hoping for ever since I started watching the show…I think I just have to admit now that it was never going to be there. I was wishing for a miracle.

That’s not to say that there aren’t some good things about The Protector. I think I could have really liked Gloria’s character if she’d been given a little more darkness. She had some very interesting quirks that reminded me of anti-social crime solvers like Gil Grissom and Monk and the dude from The Mentalist. But just when it seemed like she might be intriguing enough for me to care about her, she would turn right around and be the perfect single mom trying to raise her adorably precocious kids. The puzzle never quite added up to something consistent and eventually just became frustrating.

“Ghosts” didn’t even have the benefit of Gloria’s odd crime-scene manners; she was stuck in court for most of the episode, waiting to testify on another case. It was up to Michelle and Lt. Valdez to solve the murders, and despite being played by great actors who I have admired in other roles, there’s nothing compelling about them in this show. Not even the addition of Valdez’s ex-wife, a spotlight-hogging, super-fine police captain, could spice up the story line.

With so many cop dramas and forensic dramas and crime busters on the airwaves today, a new show needs some way to stand out from the crowd. The Protector either never really found its niche or it was never meant to be more than just a girl detective show. Whichever it was, there’s only one episode of it left and to be honest, I’m glad for it. This was not the episode to end on.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are you glad Gloria is finally dating again? Will Valdez ever be happy again? Let me know below!!