THE BIG C “Fight or Flight” Review

THE BIG C “Fight or Flight” Season 2 Episode 11 – “When I thought Sean was under that sheet there was a part of me that was relieved, that I could stop worrying.” Ditto, Cathy, ditto. Sean is still missing after skipping out on suburbia in episode 10, causing much heartache to his family: Adam is wandering around homeless crowds sticking up Missing Sean posters. This is all until a homeless man is reported dead and, mistaken identity and a phone call later, Cathy utters the above line. Sean was getting better, but without him the show avoided the usual pseudo-manic subplot which has dragged it down pace wise.

This episode sort of follows the tradition of a typical “calm before the storm” structure. Not a lot happened, but plenty was set up which, I’m hoping, will come to play in the next two episodes: Andrea and Myk are now engaged; Cathy knows about Paul’s under the table look-the-other-way business with Myk (though she doesn’t know it’s with Myk); Cathy, Paul and Sean are happy and content, about to head over to Italy for a lovely holiday in the sun. Sure, Cathy’s relationship with Lee has fractured, with Lee refusing to take a plane to Germany and in doing so giving up on all treatment and giving himself over to death.

Outside of the Lee scene (which I really loved) and the scene where it seemed like Sean may have died, it was a pretty light hearted episode (yes, I’ve given up even considering that this show is a comedy) and Alan Alda is always a delightfully whimsical presence and his phallus collecting doctor character is a offered the tone a skippy shade to it.

The only thing about the episode which seemed a bit off was the Myk cocaine storyline. It feels completely out of the blue, and though I’m glad Paul didn’t go all moral-preacher on him, I’m not sure if his relationship with Andrea needs the extra drama. Still, we’ll see what the next two episodes have in store.

This was one of the more enjoyable episodes of a season filled with some truly wonderful moments. What did you think of this episode? Sound off in the comments below.

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