RINGER Premiere Advance Review

I was fortunate enough to get an early peek at one of the most anticipaed shows this fall. The CW’s new drama RINGER, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. I would like to preface this review by saying one thing: I am a little bit obsessed with Sarah, have been since the days of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have no shame in this; but just a fair warning to the readers – Sarah can do no wrong in my eyes.

That being said onto my thoughts!

All love for Sarah Michelle Gellar aside, Ringer was some of the best TV that I have seen in a while. It was something new, but also felt strangely familiar. It kept my interest from the moment I turned on the pilot until the very last credits rolled.

Sarah plays identical twins Bridget and Siobhan. While they are identical in looks, the twins are completely different in every other aspect of their lives. Bridget lives in Wyoming, Siobhan on the upper east side of Manhattan. Siobhan is perfectly put together, Bridget is a little rough around the edges. And the twins haven’t seen each other in six years.

We open with Bridget and learn a bit about her back story which eventually takes us to meet up with her sister. This is where the story gets good. For the sake of not spoiling anything since Ringer hasn’t aired yet, just trust me… there are twists and turns, and things that you will NOT see coming.

Where most pilot episodes are clunky and make it obvious that there are still kinks to be worked out, Ringer doesn’t suffer from this problem. Instead, all of the elements come together almost flawlessly. The writing is great; the story line is obviously well thought out and left me wanting more the second that it ended.

Ringer is one of those shows that I feel will last for a long time. I hope that you agree with me! Be sure to tune into Ringer on The CW tonight at 9PM!

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