RINGER “Pilot” Episode 1

RINGER Pilot Episode 1

RINGER “Pilot” Episode 1 airs Tuesday September 13 at 9/8c on the CW.

Episode Synopsis: In the pilot episode Bridget’s life isn’t going to well and is put in more danger in New York when she is asked to testify against members of the mob so, after 6 years of estrangement she goes to see her twin sister Siobhan. While out on the boat it soon looks as though Siobhan has committed suicide and seeing no other way out Bridget decides to take on her identity and soon everyone believes that she is her. However she soon learns that things aren’t going to be much easier in this life as Andrew starts to question the sudden changes in his ‘wife’ and, she comes to see that her sisters life is far from perfect but, all may not be as it seems.