PRIVATE PRACTICE The Complete Fourth Season DVD Review

private practice season 4 dvd

Following the release of the seventh season of Grey’s Anatomy comes the release of PRIVATE PRACTICE‘s fourth season on DVD. ABC is releasing a 5 disc DVD set complete with all 22 episodes of Private Practice, as well as bonus features. It is definitely a must see and must own DVD.

The fourth season of Private Practice was a pivotal one. With the storyline of Charlotte’s assault and recovery, Private Practice broke new ground in my opinion. Typically TV shows, even dramas, show a rape or an assault and then just as quickly the person has recovered and moved on with their life. Private Practice went another route this season and dealt with more than just the physical aspect of the assault and followed Charlotte every step of the way through her eventual almost recovery. Aside from Charlotte’s story, this season also brought the relationship of Addison and Sam, the renewed relationship between Pete and Violet, and Addison dealing with some rather large family issues. One of the best seasons to date.

Aside from the episodes, the DVD set contains bonus features for your added viewing pleasure. What are these features? Check them out:

An Inside Look: The Violation of Charlotte King – This feature is a behind-the-scenes look at the storyline and filming of Charlotte’s assault this season. It features interviews with Shonda Rhimes, KaDee Strickland (Charlotte), and other cast members as they all discuss the importance of the story, the difficulty in filming, how they accomplished emotional scenes and what they believe the impact of the story was on the viewers. It is 13 minutes long and full of interesting facts and information. For example, did you notice that no music whatsoever was played in the season opener with Charlotte? The only time no music was used on Private Practice.

Deleted Scenes – There are quite a few deleted scenes on this DVD set. There are 12 scenes total spread over 8 episodes. Naturally, the ones I enjoyed most involved Charlotte and not necessarily during the heavy drama, but also when she is whipping insults at an unsuspecting Sheldon. For that I recommend the deleted scene “What Are You Gawking At?”. Another good one involves the gang talking about Charlotte in the aftermath found in “To Charlotte.” Finally, I would recommend “Open Your Eyes, Lee” where Sheldon confronts Charlotte’s rapist in his hospital bed. The other scenes are also good, but those really stood out to me.

Bloopers – Of course there is a blooper reel. This one was short at just about two minutes. You cannot say much about two minutes, however I did find the bloopers involving physical problems funny such as hooks falling off walls or doors slamming in faces. Yes, I like the physical comedy when it is unintentional.

This is not a DVD you buy for the bonus features alone. Although the commentary about Charlotte is riveting, you really need to buy this DVD for the entire season. From Charlotte, to Addison and Sam, to Pete and Violet, to Sheldon and Charlotte, and all points in between, it really is the best season so far. If you were looking for extras and enhancements on this DVD, you will be disappointed. However, if you are a person that cannot wait for your weekly fix of Private Practice, you will want to purchase this DVD so you can watch the show whenever you want.

Private Practice The Complete Fourth Season on DVD is available for purchase on September 13, 2011.

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