HELL’S KITCHEN “5 Chefs Compete Again” Review

HELL'S KITCHEN 5 Chefs Compete Again Season 9 Episode 14

HELL’S KITCHEN “5 Chefs Compete Again” Season 9 Episode 14 – After last week’s episode with no eliminations, I was expecting a double elimination this week. Alas, it was not so and through some admirable arm twisting and strategising, Elise managed to get Will and Paul to back her when she went up to the sacrificial plate and instead Jennifer was sent home, giving Elise the honor of the joint most nominated chef in Hell’s Kitchen history to survive the cutting board (along with season seven’s Autumn). In other words, Elise is officially the most disliked and useless chef in Hell’s Kitchen history, but hey, she’s still hanging on and Jennifer is gone, along with a host of other chefs, plus the ratings for Hell’s Kitchen are up so integrity shmegrity, what the hell do I know about showrunning?

Despite the fact that Jennifer almost won the challenge (make an acceptable dish from Alaskan salmon) she was sent home and now the top four are Tommy, Will, Paul and Elise. Paul won the challenge, while Elise came in dead last. While the other chefs (and by other chefs I mean Will and kinda Jennifer) prepped the kitchen, Paul, Tommy and Ramsay got to ride around in a helicopter and flirt with a waitress in the most entertainingly cringe-wrothy way imaginable.

For the dinner service, neither of the ladies were able to hold their own and while Jennifer fell apart at the appetizers, Elise screwed up the scallops. When Ramsay had them work on entrées as well, Elise’s poor fish performance had Ramsay raging and he eventually threw everyone out of the kitchen, relenting only to allow Paul and Will (the two winners, who are probably neck and neck at this point) back in to finish the service. This lead to a pretty entertaining fight between Tommy and Ramsay: Tommy did not feel like he deserved to be thrown out of the kitchen.

The guys, realizing that Jennifer was a bigger threat than Elise, decided to get rid of her come elimination time. Realizing that Elise was better for the ratings, Ramsay agreed. Elise, classy as she is, tried to send Jennifer out with a few taunts, but the lads weren’t so bad and basically shut her up.

Ramsay’s reason for getting rid of Jennifer was bizarre: he said that Jennifer found her voice much too late. Really, he probably could have thought of a better excuse than that.

My pick is between Paul and Will, with Will just edging out for personality sake. I’d say Tommy will probably be the next to go, since Ramsay literally seems hell bent on keeping Elise around for as long as possible to stir the pot.

What did you think of Jennifer’s dismissal? Who do you think will win? Sound off in the comments below.

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