Fall 2011 New TV Shows Report Card

daemonstv fall 2011 new shows report card blurry

With all the new shows premiering this Fall 2011, here at Daemon’s TV we decided to give you an easy and comprehensive insight as to what you should be watching this Fall.

We are proud to present the Daemon’s TV’s Fall 2011 New TV Shows Report Card.

So how does that work?

Me and my co-editor, Eric, sat down to give each new show a grade from A to F based on our impression of the pilot episode and averaged our two grades to give you the final grade you find on the report card.

Hopefully, this will give you an overall idea of what you should be tuning in for this Fall. Of course, these are only our humble opinions, so feel free to also check out the shows in the D column, but if you end up disliking them, don’t say we didn’t warn you…

So take a look at the full report card below (click on the image to enlarge). For more information about each new show, please go Fall 2011 TV Guide page.

Note: The only new show missing on the report card is Allen Gregory, which we have yet to see.