ALPHAS (SyFy) “Blind Spot” Review

ALPHAS (SyFy) "Blind Spot" Episode 9

ALPHAS (SyFy) “Blind Spot” Episode 9 – When I heard that a reviewer was needed for this week’s episode of ALPHAS, I happily volunteered to take the reins. I’ve been watching this show since the pilot and I’m totally hooked. But when I found out that this episode also happened to be the one guest-starring the one and only Brent Spiner, I was ever more excited. As a kid I was a huge fan of Star Trek:The Next Generation and had the biggest crush on data. So getting to review an episode of a TV show with Brent in it feels like I’ve somehow come full circle.

Mr. Spiner plays Kern, a doctor with a mind to “improve” the human condition by implanting human DNA into pregnant women. From the beginning I figured that Kern was up to no good, but then the group discovered that they weren’t just dealing with one bad alpha in the midst, but two. But just as we are ready to breath a quick sigh of relief after the capture of Griffin, things go from bad to worse when we find out that Kern was causing problems of his own.

There were two “B” storylines behind all the action. One being that Bill had lost his ability but seemed quite happy to be reduced to human status again. I thought for a little while we were going to have one less alpha on the team but of course he hulks out just in time to save the day. Then there was Cameron and Nina, who are still struggling to figure out where they stand after sleeping together while under the influence of Jonas’ “happy thoughts” in the last episode. Looks like all it took for Nina to decide she cared was for Cam to get stabbed. Probably not the easiest way to win a girl, but it’s probably not the worst way either.

Overall I enjoyed this episode quite a bit and found the fact that there were two foes to be fought added a bit of extra drama and excitement.

My favorite bits..

Bill explaining to Gary that he hadn’t installed the things on Gary’s list because, well, they didn’t exist.

“I know. I’m amazing.”

“I want my lawyer.” “Yeah and I want a Rueben sandwich.” “I’ll have my lawyer pick you up one.”

Rosen figuring out what Kern’s ability was. Sonar, wow that’s pretty cool.

Active human DNA inside prenatal vitamins? Ick.

Jumping half out of my skin when that hand reached out and grabbed Rachel.

The look on Kern’s face when Rosen told him there were only seven people in their office.

Gary listing out all the times that he won’t go to the bathroom because of the cameras across the street.

Jumping about a foot out of my chair when they saw Griffin on the camera behind Cameron before she stabbed him.

“I’m not good for you.” “Don’t care.”

Poor Gary trying to hold Griffin back with just his badge.

Rachel beating Griffin down with the laptop. Yes!

Kern basically going nuclear. Wow, so much for their brand-new holding facility.

Knowing that Bill was going to regain his ability before it happened.

Griffin stabbing Kern in the neck with that glass. Ouch.

Griffin repaying Bill with a cryptic message. Hm.

Gary reminding Bill that he had told him he needed gun turrets.

Cameron kissing Nina in his office. Yep, that looked pretty grownup to me.

What did you think of this episode of Alphas? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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