WAREHOUSE 13 “Shadows” Review

WAREHOUSE 13 “Shadows” Season 3 Episode 9 – Last time on WAREHOUSE 13, Myka saved three Regents from being murdered and one turned out to be Pete’s mom. Claudia loses her partner, Jinks (BOO!!!!), and we find out that the warehouse is now under attack.

This week, Warehouse 13 picks up pretty much right where we left two weeks ago. Pete is freaking out about his mom being a Regent and not sharing this little secret with him (does anyone else NOT blame him for reacting this way? Personally, I feel he kept his cool more than I would have!), and Jane can’t really spend the time she wants to explaining the situation to her son.

Frederick mentions that there is a company – A to Z Recovery – that has something to do with the attack on the warehouses and the Regents. This company seems familiar to Jane, but she can’t quite get her memory to pull out the information that she wants. Frederick has the idea to go INTO Jane’s memory and Pete is right there with her. The pair uses an artifact and start their stroll down memory lane.

Instead of the first memory being a happy one, Pete and Jane arrive on the day of Pete’s father’s funeral. Needless to say, Pete isn’t having a great day.

Meanwhile in Portland, Myka and Claudia are investigating the case about a man that just disappeared into thin air. I do mean this literally, one second Jason was mowing the lawn, the next there was a flash of light and BAM – the guy disintegrates, taking the power grid of a few blocks with him. The problem happens again to a young man named Brandon; and the girls track down his friends and talk to him about Brandon being missing.

It turns out that Brandon had a girlfriend maned Megan that used to work for Jason’s company. Megan has been MIA for a while, and when Myka and Claudia visit Megan they find the mark that remains from Brandon’s disappearance; Myka realizes that that the shadow Brandon’s body left looks remarkably like something nuclear. It turns out that Megan is the cause of the deaths, when she becomes agitated, people explode. They decide to start looking for the artifact that is causing the deaths.

While Claudia bond with Megan, Myka finds a connection between the T-Shirt shop and the vaporizing… a trail of glitter leads to Jeff McMasters. Turns out that Jeff was creepily obsessed with Megan and will go to every length to make her happy; even kill for her. The girls (Megan included) confront Jeff and find the artifact.

Back in Jane’s memories, Pete discovers that at the funeral his mother denied Fredrick’s request to return to the Warehouse; but after some convincing, Jane does decide to return as a Regent. After going through a few more memories Pete begins to learn more and more about the secrets that Jane kept from him… and Pete lashes out.

Like I’ve said in previous Warehouse 13 reviews, I’m a HUGE fan of back story. “Shadows” was full of it, and this time we got to see a little into Pete’s past which I really enjoyed. It was also great to see Pete worked up as much as he was with his mom. Normally Pete keeps emotions bottled up and away from the surface; but seeing him interact with his past was a high point of the season.

Warehouse 13 had me worried for a while with several episodes that seemed lazy and almost like the writers had given up. However, the past several episodes have renewed my faith! Warehouse 13 is a great Sci-Fi show and I continue to enjoy it!

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