THE LYING GAME “Over Exposed” Review


THE LYING GAME “Over Exposed” Episode 5 – It is homecoming time on THE LYING GAME leaving Emma to wonder whether she should pursue Homecoming Queen and whether it is something that Sutton would have done. I was perplexed by the pondering of this issue especially when Char and Mads said that Sutton has been planning her campaign since the 8th grade. Even though Emma herself also secretly wanted to win, it is clear that had Sutton been home, she would have run. No brainer. It was also baffling that Sutton was upset when Emma told her she was running. Isn’t the point that Emma is supposed to carry on Sutton’s life? Is Sutton upset because she realizes that no one has really missed her and everything just keeps going on without her? Does she suspect that her friends and family secretly like Emma more?

As much as Emma tries to be Sutton, she fails in a very big way. Emma is way too big hearted. Sutton is the exact opposite. Laurel’s prediction that everything is going to come crashing down is spot on. Once Sutton arrives, I am pretty sure any relationship built by Emma with Laurel will be destroyed with one cutting word or phrase. The same is true of Emma’s relationship with Sutton’s parents. Sutton has no interest in these things. She barely has interest in keeping Ethan around and only in secret. It leads me to question what Sutton really cares about. What is she searching for in looking for her birth mother?

Alec is acting as suspicious as ever. Now we know that he and Ted were together with Annie Hobbs, the girls’ mother. We also learned that Annie is institutionalized and painting pictures of the girls. Do you think Ted knows where Annie is or is it just Alec? Why is she locked away? Is one of the men actually the father, like I suspected Alec? More importantly, who overheard Alec on the phone? Was it Eduardo? Would he even know what he was hearing?

Speaking of secrets and games, what is Laurel’s new Homecoming King boyfriend, Justin, hiding? He came out of nowhere as a transfer student to steal Homecoming King. He latched on to Laurel right away. And he looked concerned when he hugged her and said he wasn’t going anywhere. Is he planning on leaving soon? What is he there for?

Ethan and Emma are closer than ever and Sutton does not look to happy about it. It probably was not the smartest move to get even with Thayer, but it definitely sounds like something Sutton would do. What do you think Ethan will do when Sutton returns? It looks like things start to get trickier next week when someone mentions Emma. She was already careless in leaving her journal out. Luckily Sutton’s mother only saw the drawings and did not actually read the journal.

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Lying Game? Any thoughts or theories on Alec and Ted’s involvement with Annie Hobbs? What about what Justin is up to? Share what you think down below.

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