GREY’S ANATOMY The Complete Seventh Season DVD Review

greys anatomy season 7 dvd
The lastest season of GREY’S ANATOMY is being released on DVD by ABC for your viewing pleasure. Now you can watch, or rewatch, the complete seventh season of Grey’s Anatomy on your own time. The 6 disc DVD set titled “More Heartbeats” contains all 22 episodes of the show as well as some bonus features and an extended version of the musical episode, “Song Beneath the Song.”

This season of Grey’s Anatomy picks up after the horrible shooting event at Seattle Grace last season. Each member of the staff of the hospital has to deal with those that they lost and the fear of losing someone, none more so than Cristina and Meredith. In a first for Cristina’s character, she is lost and trying to find her way back. Other memorable plots involve Eric and Callie’s late night stupid decision affecting both theirs and Arizona’s lives, a touching story about Chief Webber’s wife, and the race for Chief Resident showing the worse side of the residents.

Aside from reliving the ups and downs of the Seattle Grace crew, the discs give us some bonus features as well. What does it have? The bonus features include:

The Music Event: Behind the (Musical) Scenes: This bonus features takes a look behind the camera for the filming of “Song Beneath the Song”, as well as discussions about how the idea was formed and put into place. It was interesting to hear how long Shonda had contemplated the idea, how long it took to actually film and get the episode into place versus a regular episode, and the special effects involved. This feature lasts about 15 minutes and is worth your time.

Dissecting Grey’s Anatomy Unaired Scenes: There were a lot of unaired scenes in this bonus feature, 16 scenes from 11 episodes. The ones that I enjoyed the most included “It Is the Same O.R.” with Meredith discussing handling working in the OR where they did surgery on Derek, “I Can’t Go Out With You” with Bailey talking to nurse Eli, and “I Got Married This Morning” involving an awkward exchange between Cristina and Dr. Altman about her recent marriage.

In Stitches: Outtakes: The outtakes were about three minutes long. Although most of them were the usual gags or flubs, the repeated outtake of Cristina and the x-ray films just kept me laughing the entire time. I also enjoyed the one of Chandra Wilson and the “burger.”

Seattle Grace: Message of Hope Webisodes: If you have read my review of the second season of Cougar Town then you know I am not the hugest fan of webisodes. When they are good, they serve a purpose. They can provide background, filler, or develop a story more. However, they are usually limited to just a few characters so if you are not necessarily fond of those characters, you can easily get annoyed with the webisode. I am happy to say that these webisodes work. First, they are good filler for the PR problem after last year’s shooting. Second, Chief Webber is a main character and Hunt, Avery and Kepner also play parts. Who can be annoyed by Chief Webber? Not I. I thought that the webisodes were very good and I even found myself moved by the sizzle reel in the end.

I would highly recommend this DVD. First, it was a terrific season, especially with the follow up to the shooting. I say this despite the fact that Cristina’s storyline did grate on my nerves. Second, there are some great bonus features, including many unaired scenes and a rather hilarious blooper reel. Finally, if you loved the musical episode, there is an extended episode to prolong your enjoyment. What more could you ask for? Grey’s Anatomy The Complete Seventh Season More Heartbeats DVD is one to buy.

Grey’s Anatomy The Complete Seventh Season on DVD is available for purchase on September 13, 2011.

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