Exclusive Interview: Michael Steger (Navid Shirazi On 90210) Talks Season 4, Team Adrianna and Team Silver

Michael Steger

The CW hit series 90210 is set to premiere its fourth season tonight and Daemon’s TV had the chance to have a quick chat with series star Michael Steger (Navid Shirazi) on what fans can expect from 90210 season 4.

Check out what he had to say below and don’t forget to tune in to watch the 90210 Season 4 premiere of Tuesday September 13th (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) on The CW.

Congratulations on getting a fourth season. That must be exciting?

Michael Steger: Yeah. We’re all pretty stoked about it. We’re all filming by the beach and you can’t ask for anything more. The best weather, the best place to shoot. So, we’re all stoked.

Will the locations be even better this season?

Michael Steger: Oh, yeah, less time in the high school and more time on the beach. On the weekends I don’t want to go to the beach because I’ve been shooting here the entire time.

Did you guys shoot overseas this season?

Michael Steger: I wish, but no, we don’t.

If you had a choice where would you go?

Michael Steger: Bora Bora. No, not Bora Bora. Fiji. Yeah, that’s a good one. I’ll put that out there.

What can fans expect from 90210 season 4?

Michael Steger: They can expect a lot more from Navid and his family. My entire family fled the country of Switzerland because my father was excused of child pornography. So, he’s had the reinvent the family business into a full fledged production company. So, he’s at the helm of that and he’s still having to deal with his dad’s brother who’s a big partner of my father’s. He’s a very bad influence on Navid and he’s really trying his hardest to put a distance between them.

And in terms of how the relationship with Silver is going to pan out, will there be developments?

Michael Steger: Yeah, there are going to be developments. Navid and Silver move in together and they start working together right off the bat. Navid makes her his assistant, and so they really spend a lot of time with each other.

This is such a popular show and the fans are so invested in the storylines. Has that had an affect on your interactions with them?

Michael Steger: They really do get invested, and some people were really upset and they want me and Adrianna back together. Some people are the opposite. It’s like fifty/fifty.

Do you think it’s a little ‘Twilight’ where there’s a team Adrianna and a team Silver?

Michael Steger: Yeah, some fans go back and forth all ready.

You might come up with some t-shirts and cash in on that.

Michael Steger: I know, right.

Does being active on Twitter help you connect with the fans?

Michael Steger: Yeah. I wasn’t really for Twitter, but I started it and it’s really cool because you can access so many different fans, from the most random, ones you don’t hear from. There are fans from all over the world and it’s so nice that you can reach out to so many different people if you’re promoting a cause or if you’re want to let people know what’s going on with you. You can reach so many different people and it’s a pretty awesome medium.

Has the cast grown closer over the episode? How has the atmosphere on set evolved over time?

Michael Steger: It’s becoming more and more like a dysfunctional family. Everyone just does what they want. Everyone is used to each other, but it’s really a fun environment where everyone can really be themselves.

Do you have any upcoming projects that you can talk about?

Michael Steger: I have a few small projects that I’m producing and directing, but other than that, on the only break that I’ve had, I’ve either been overseas or out of town. I’m just focused on my side projects and the show.

If you could guest star on any other TV show which one would it be?

Michael Steger: Mad Men’.

Any kind or role in mind or anything would do?

Michael Steger: I’d do anything.