EUREKA “One Small Step” Review

Eureka "One Small Step" Review

EUREKA “One Small Step” Season 4 Episode 19 – I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day Weekend, but now its time to get back to EUREKA for more sci-fi goodness. This week the Astraeus crew do their final prep for their mission, but an accident causes Andy to be transported to Titan with no way of getting back. While Carter would like to help Andy, he’s a little distracted when multiple items around Eureka start melting, including a cow, Carter’s Jeep, and S.A.R.A.H. among others. Our favorite Aussie, Taggart, is back as part of the Astraeus Ground Control crew, and helps ID the cause as an acid caused by the guano from escaped special genetically modified bats he’s been working on (seriously? why? and also ick!). The team creates a counter-agent to the acid after Carter and Taggart catch a bat, and the FTL is able to be repaired in time to get Andy home for a tearful reunion with S.A.R.A.H., if androids or home computers could cry.

Bruce Miller wrote tonight’s episode and I have to admit that it was a very deep, emotional story that would be unlike Eureka except that it involves romance between a house and an android. I thought the writers had dropped the entire Andy – S.A.R.A.H. relationship after the events in “Liftoff”, so it was nice to see it come back. Kavan Smith was again excellent as Andy, his scenes interacting with S.A.R.A.H. and on Titan really pulled on the heartstrings. That storyline was also a nice juxtaposition to Jo and Zane’s story, especially when you see how Andy’s trip to Titan brought him closer to S.A.R.A.H. and Zane’s trip may cause the end of him and Jo. One last comment about Andy and S.A.R.A.H, neither I or anyone else really wants to know how a house and an android get intimate, so please don’t go there.

Acting-wise it’s always great to see Matt Frewer on the show as Taggart, who we last saw in Eureka’s holiday episode last December. He’s always fun as Taggart with the whole Aussie thing and it was interesting to get another glimpse of Jo’s past life in this timeline. Also loved Colin Ferguson tonight, Carter was the perfect comic relief to balance out the heaviness and emotions of the Andy/S.A.R.A.H. and Jo/Zane stories.

Favorite Things from Tonight’s Episode:

– Deputy Andy’s robot pajamas
– Carter’s Jar of Cow (cool and yet…ewww)
– “You guys got the moon! We should get Titan! It’s Even Steven!” – Holly defending Grace’s right to be first on Titan
– Carter’s Jeep melting (that poor car – how many times has it been destroyed?)
– Carter’s reaction to the bats flying into his house (Ferguson really has the girlish scream nailed down doesn’t he?)
– Henry and Grace as Ground Commander and Captain (it’s an interesting dynamic)

What did you think of S.A.R.A.H. and Andy? Did you like it or was it a little weird? Do you think Jo and Zane can survive as a couple? Will Dr. Parrish make it on to the Astraeus mission? Let me know what you think in the comments section.

Next week the Astraeus mission is trying to get to Titan, but it’s feeling a strong pull back to Eureka. Check out Eureka’s Season 4.5 finale, “One Giant Leap”, next Monday, September 19 at 8 PM EDT on SyFy.

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