TRUE BLOOD “And When I Die” Review (Season 4 Finale)

TRUE BLOOD “And When I Die” Season 4 Episode 12 – Season 4 of True Blood came to an end with its last episode “And When I Die” tonight and there is so much to talk about that I’ll get right to it.

Lafayette & Jesus

I was afraid that the Marnie storyline would drag on for the whole episode, but ended up being really happy that it was wrapped up pretty early on, but not before lots of damage was dumped on Lafayette and Jesus’ life.

For instance Jesus dying, not cool, not cool at all. And really? Did they really kill Kevin Alejandro’s character AGAIN?! Can’t this guys catch a break, how many death is it now?

Let’s count: 24, Sleeper Cell, Ugly Betty, Southland, True Blood, and that’s only for recurring roles I know about.

Damn you Marnie! And poor Lafayette, plus it seems like so far there is no way for him to protect himself from a spirit possessing him, which is still kind of creepy to me.

In somewhat positive note, Jesus did have a great line tonight:

“I agree with you. Vampires suck.” -Jesus to Marnie


Andy is now clean and trying his luck with Holly, hopefully these two can find some sort of happiness in the middle of all this tragedy.


Sam is done dealing with Marcus, has buried his brother, and things are going very well with Luna. If only they could stay that way… Unfortunately, it seems that Sam is not done dealing with werewolves.

Who do you think it was getting ready to attack him at the end? I’m thinking it has to be one of Marcus’ followers.


Of course things couldn’t possibly stay good for Arlene, Rene has to show up again. WTF?!

And apparently Terry could have some bad stuff in his past that are coming back to haunt him. Yikes, that doesn’t sound good at all. But Terry seems so sweet, what could be so bad that even Rene feels compelled to warn Arlene?

As for Arlene’s best quote tonight, it would have to be:

“Zombies are the new vampires.” -Arlene


Speaking of Terry, he gets a visit from an old army buddy, Sergeant Patrick Devens United States Marine Court… Scott Foley!!!!

I knew he was going to make an appearance in the finale, but totally forgot until I saw him pop up on screen. I’m so sad we didn’t find out more about him, but now I’m wondering if he could have something to do with Terry’s mysterious past Rene warned Arlene about…

Jason & Jessica

Jason finally came clean to Hoyt about his sexapade with Jessica. Let’s just say he didn’t take it too well, as could be expected.

But the best moment was Jason talking to himself in the rearview mirror of his car: “Jason Stackhouse, you are a good person. Yes you are.”

But at least now Jason can be with Jessica without feeling too guilty (sort of). I have to say, these two are really sweet! It’ll be interesting to see how it evolves, especially since 1) Jessica doesn’t want anything serious yet and 2) Jason seems to understand Jessica’s needs differently than Hoyt ever did. Definitely something to look forward to.

But the shocker is the appearance of Reverend Newlin who is now a VAMPIRE! Wow!


Alcide finally declared his feelings to Sookie! We all knew he had them, but unfortunately we don’t yet know if Sookie will think about what he told her and decided to try a “normal” relationship.


She got her job back at Merlotte’s obviously because Sam never fired her, so next season she’ll be back in her waitress outfit.

But for now let’s talk about Sookie seeing Gran again. That was pretty heartbreaking wasn’t it? But I was so happy that Sookie got a chance to see Gran one more time.

As for Eric and Bill, well for now Sookie decided to say goodbye to both of them, which might not be a bad idea so that she can clear out her thoughts a bit. Also it also makes me wonder if she’s thinking about Alcide’s proposal. That could be an interesting new relationship for next season. Although I have to admit, I’m a Bill person. This season I thought he was fantastic.

Bill & Eric

Ah Bill and Eric, it’s quite the bromance now isn’t it? Both of them dumped by Sookie seems to have brought them closer.

First off they both had some great lines tonight:

“I liked you better when you were brain damaged.” -Bill to Eric

“Excuse me, we’re feeling a bit crispy here.” -Eric

“What a bitch.” -Eric about Nan…

… oh yeah, did I mention they f&#*ing killed Nan? That was crazy and so cool. I can’t wait to find out what these two are up to next season. Especially now that there was talk of mutiny against the American Vampire League.


I honestly was afraid that this season’s cliffhanger might end up being meh like season 3’s, but oh no, the writers brought it this season.

First off, Russell Edgington is back… or at least that’s what I’m assuming since obviously someone dug him out of his cement grave.

But really the biggest shocker of the night was Debbie barging into Sookie’s house with a shotgun not only shooting Tara, but getting herself shot in the head by Sookie. Go Sookie! She had it coming I mean really Debbie? Wow, I’m so glad we are finally rid of her for good… hmmm maybe I shouldn’t say that, after all Lafayette is a medium… damn.

But now we don’t know if Tara survives, and this is not one of those shows where you know she’ll live, oh no, they could totally kill Tara for real. INSANITY!

I am totally blown away by this finale and am so ready for next year! But now I want to hear from you, what did you think of the finale? Were you as shocked as I was? Did I forget to mention any significant events in tonight’s episode? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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