THE X FACTOR UK “Auditions 4” Review

THE X FACTOR UK 2011 “Auditions 4” Season 8 Episode 4 – You know the only thing worse than trudging through a mire of The X Factor commercials, bad auditions, and the occasional singer? A double bill of commercials, bad auditions and the occasional singer.

So in Manchester the judges find themselves in Barlowe’s territory, which explains why Kelly was prostrating herself in front of Gary Barlowe after a Take That concert.

The first act up, the Kendro, is a flamboyant duo covering Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. They wear lip gloss really well, but alas their singing capabilities are not up to scratch. Yet they manage a yes from Tulisa, a yes from Louis a no from Gary and Kelly, predictably, gives them the pass to be nice.

Gary continues his streak of being a right old sour puss as his home town offers more joke contestants than Adele singalikes. Carl Stevenson, however, is an entertaining act, a guy who seemed to have thought that his dancing skills might have overshadowed his non-existent vocal talents.

Sami Brooke is a chatty bartender who charms the crowd with her candid personality, her wonky arm and her cover of One Moment in Time. She tosses off the Safari hat. She brings the entire audience to their feet and gets Kelly to leap up before the song is even over and Kelly is still standing when she praises her. Gary commends her for the quiet notes as well as the big ones and all four of the judges send her through with Gary saying, “How much fun is she gonna be?”

A few girl groups get through despite some off harmonies, but even more are shut down by the judges, led by a very tough Kelly who is taking the quality of the girl groups very seriously.

The girl group Twisted get their own video package, so you know they’re going to be filled with drama. One of the girls made it to bootcamp last year. They go a cappella, though aside from the girl from last year, they’re a trainwreck and only Tulisa gives them a yes. Kelly laments the fact that the lead girl was so unconfident that she dragged along three back up singers, so Kelly goes back stage and convinces the girl to pry herself away from her mates and come back as a solo. Hopefully she won’t get lost in the shuffle at boot camp, but despite the string of yeses from the judges, she fail to get the crowd moving and hers was one of the weakest responses from the audience so far.

Lascel Woods covers Use Somebody and it’s a beautiful audition which gets the crowd crying and up on their feet and it’s the very first full standing ovation from the judges of the season. Despite being from foster care because of his mother’s bipolar disorder, he has his mother with him at the audition, and he gets four yes votes from the judges, with Gary praising the believability of his performance, whatever that means.

Really, it was an insanely disappointing episode. The joke acts weren’t funny and outside of Sami Brooke’s and Lascel Woods, there was little to talk about in terms of actual talent.

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