Friday Night Dinner S1
FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER “The Date” Season 1 Episode 6 – Fresh levels of family-style hell are reached in “The Date,” the finale episode of series one of Friday Night Dinner. Most families would be able to pull themselves together and act normal for at least a few hours. But not the Goodmans. Not even close.

When Adam arrives at the house for the usual soiree, Martin is in a suit and tie (fortunately with pants), Jonny is being way too helpful and there’s five places set at the table. Hmm…could someone new be coming over? Why, yes! Because Jackie has arranged a blind date for Adam and invited a childhood friend, Tanya, to dine with the family.

What was she thinking?

There is no answer, of course. No one in this family, with the possible exception of Adam, ever really thinks before they act. Martin is content to burp his way through the meal thanks to the parsley he downed beforehand. Jonny continues to torture his brother by throwing water onto his lap to make it look like he wet his pants. And Jackie is nothing resembling subtle as she excessively compliments Tanya and does everything in her power to push her and Adam together.

I’m not sure if this shows that she truly wants her son to be happy or if she feels that he’s such a loser that he will never get a date on his own. Really, it could go either way. But one thing’s for certain…if she wants a girl to fall for Adam, she needs to make sure that she never comes to family dinner night until after the wedding.

Because while Dad is burping up parsley and Mum is digging out the baby pictures of Adam, Jonny is just waiting in the wings, biding his time until he and Tanya can be alone. It’s not clear whether the spontaneous make-out scene between Jonny and Tanya was a first or if they’d been attracted to each other before the dinner, but it’s clear that Adam is not the brother she wants. Which is a shame because Jonny might be cuter, but he’s got some serious growing up to do.

Poor Adam. As if all of this isn’t bad enough, he had to deal with another surprise visit from their insane neighbor, Jim, and his scary dog. This time, he’s locked himself out of his house. Because his dog ate his key. I don’t even want to contemplate how this might have happened; I’m just going to go with it.

Fortunately the dog has a very fast digestive track and Jim gets his key back fairly quickly. I’m not sure how the stick was involved…perhaps to dig through the pile…but I wasn’t surprised when it ended up nearly going up Jim’s nose. That’s just the kind of guy he is.

So…that’s it for this season of Friday Night Dinner, an odd, quirky little show from across the pond. I have no idea if BBC America will bring it back for its second season, but if they do, here’s what I hope happens.

1. Drop Jim. He’s creepy, not funny.
2. Have Adam kick Jonny in the nuts. ‘Cause that would be funny.
3. No more parsley for Martin.

What did you think of the episode? Are you sorry to see it go? Do you wish they would just run Father Ted instead? Let me know below!