BREAKING BAD “Bug”, Season 4 Episode 9 – Breaking Bad had a lot to live up to with tonight’s episode “Bug”. Following what was the best episode of the season last week, we have a somewhat Dexter-ish opening scene showing blood dripping on what appears to be Walt’s glasses and shoes. It was a very short but fitting opener to what ended up being another great episode, even if it wasn’t quite as impressive as last week.

Thankfully, one big thing we got in “Bug” was some advancement on the Skyler/Car wash story. I’ve been frustrated with this storyline over the course of the season, as it seems as if it’s only being used as a means to describe to show how Walt is laundering his money. So I assumed the reason we saw the scenes of Skyler cooking Ted Beneke’s books in the opening scenes is because it would give some context to the scene of Skyler cooking her own books, so imagine my surprise when Ted Beneke himself walks through the door. It was a bit too convenient that Skyler just so happened to be cooking her books just as Ted walked in. The personification of cooking books just happened to walk through the door with an audit notice as she was doing the one thing she told Ted she would not. It was a little too convenient for this great show, but I guess it was just a flashy way to reintroduce Ted back into the fold.

Lots of fans of the show seem to harbor a lot of hate for Skyler, and in the past I’ve been a staunch defender of hers, but man is she becoming really hard to defend. Not only is her whole relationship with Ted reprehensible and wrong, but the way that she acted and dressed for her meeting with Ted and the auditor was not going to win her any fans. Or maybe it would, depending on how you feel about Anna Gunn’s body.

The attack at the distribution plant was pretty great, with yet another brutal headshot really earning the show’s new “violence warning”. Gus walking towards the gunfire, as bullets hit the ground all around him, and then holding his arms out providing an easy shot, was so awesome. Giancarlo Esposito’s Gus is slowly stealing the spotlight from Walt and Jesse, as he provided yet another great dinner scene at his house with Jesse. Having already had dinner with Walt in the past, this was a great scene that showed him impart his plans to send Jesse to Mexico to teach the chemists down there how to make Walt’s blue meth.

Jesse then invited Walt over to his house to surprise him with what he learned, only for Jesse to be surprised right back that he was in fact being bugged by Walt. This led to a brutal, although much anticipated, brawl between our two leads. Walt and Jesse’s relationship has always been the central point of this show, and it’s always been very strained to say the least. However, we’ve never seen either of them physically lash out at the other to the degree that they did right here. Having such a brutal fight, with Jesse dropping the {edited} F-bomb as a nice exclamation point, was a great step for these two characters to take. They have been both falling further and further down the rabbit hole of the meth industry, and it really seems like all of their anger towards each other is really just anger from the fact that they can’t seem to find any way out of their predicament.

This was a great episode, and I can’t wait to see what happens next week!

Random Thoughts:

– If anybody got the Dexter reference at the top of the review, then hopefully you’re a fan! If you are, look for my Dexter reviews to start posting in three weeks!

– This marks the third week in a row that we’ve seen the game Rage in Jesse’s house! He was playing it three weeks ago, last week he had it paused, and this week the game box was on the shelf that Walt was pushed into! Do they have some kind of contract to the show game every single week.?

– I was wondering if they would do anything special on the show in honor of the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. In lieu of them including anything in show, I hope you’ve all done something to commemorate it. If you haven’t yet, go give a loved one a hug, and think about those who lost loved ones ten years ago!