Interview: DOCTOR WHO’s Arthur Darvill (“Rory”) “The finale just blew my mind.”

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Arthur Darvill who plays fan favorite Rory in DOCTOR WHO recently took some time to answer a few questions about tonight’s new exciting episode “The Girl Who Waited.” He talked about Rory and Amy’s relationship, what’s coming up in the season finale, which he described as “The finale just blew my mind,” and much more.

On tonight’s new episode “The Girl Who Waited” and why it could be called “Rory’s Choice”

It’s a real one that tests Rory and Amy’s relationship actually. Every time you get a script, you know, we always kind of anticipate are they going to be good. But this one we got and we were like wow this is really good but really hard. And Karen’s really brilliant in it.

I can’t give too much away but she has to play something very different to what she normally plays in Doctor Who and that was a real challenge for her and she really pulls it off. She’s great.

It’s called, “The Girl Who Waited,” so she’s waiting for something and Rory basically has to go in and kind of find her and save her but something’s coming for us which really tests them and tests their emotions to the limits.

On the action sequences in “The Girl Who Waited.”

It’s not really anything that I’d considered before I got this job. I’d be kind of running around and, you know, flying through the air and doing fighting sequences. But it has been a quite a joy to do.

And the stunt guys on Doctor Who are brilliant. They let us do as many of our own stunts as possible. I mean this one in terms of kind of carrying the action the Doctor is less on as Rory’s sent off to go and help Amy on his own which I think is quite a big responsibility for him.

But he really jumps. Actually it’s kind of funny the way Rory deals with things because he’s quite nervous and doesn’t really want to put himself in danger but as soon as it has anything to do with Amy being in danger he will just throw himself in straightaway.

On how Rory fares without much of the Doctor’s help in “The Girl Who Waited.”

He does all right. I think he’s gotten to a point now where he’s so within this kind of world, the fact that he can go and travel through time and comes face to face with really horrific things, it’s just become almost normal for him. And yes I was really pleased with the script, because he really steps up to the plate and proves himself even more than I think he has in the past.

So yes he does all right without the Doctor. I mean the Doctor is still lending a helping hand but as well as testing kind of Rory and Amy’s relationship, it tests the Doctor and Rory’s relationship quite a bit as well because, the Doctor can’t actually do anything. So Rory does all right. He kind of mans up a bit.

On what we can expect the rest of the season.

I think this half of the season is the strongest stuff that we’ve done. Me, Matt [Smith] and Karen [Gillan] were given all the episodes from this half of the season a few months ago and we went around from that flat and just watched them all back to back. And they’re brilliant.

They’re all so different and each one is like a different movie and the way that they are directed and the way that they are written is just great.

So after this episode, the next one it’s called, “The God Complex” which is kind of set in this creepy hotel where each room is kind of a different freaky thing. If anyone’s kind of scared of clowns or ventriloquists I mean they’ll definitely want to hide behind the sofa.

It’s kind of like almost like The Shining or something. It’s great. And then James Corden (Gavin & Stacey) is in one of the episodes which is coming up and that’s got some Cybermen in it as well which is quite exciting.

And then the finale just blew my mind. And I can’t say too much about it but it’s about as epic as “Doctor Who” has ever got. And it answers some more questions which I think everyone’s dying to hear the answers to.

On how Rory has grown over the seasons

You know, this wasn’t anything that he really expected. It just happened in his life and I think when he started traveling with the Doctor he didn’t think he’d be there very long.

So much of what he’s about has to do with making sure everyone’s safe and just for a while he wanted to get back home and get married and not kind of travel in time and space for the rest of his life.

But now I think because Amy’s got such a bond with the Doctor, he’s completely in this world and he’s had to prove himself and man up a bit so many times, I think that has really affected him. It’s made him more assertive and more, slightly more heroic I would say.

But also I think he has matured a lot and it’s proved to him that even though all of these incredible things have happened and these horrible things have happened that his relationship with Amy is still the strongest thing in the world. And that is very real and very good. And he’s still completely wildly in love with her.

On Rory and the Doctor’s relationship

I think Rory and the Doctor’s relationship has grown so much over the last season. Before he was obviously kind of quite jealous of the doctor, but I think that’s gone now and they’ve got a real bond, they’ve got a real kind of true friendship.

I just find I can only be really, really good friends with someone probably if I’ve had a massive falling out with them at some point or a big argument. And I think that kind of makes all relationships stronger. And I think Rory and the Doctor’s falling out so much and they still need each other and they still are great, great friends.

So I think they’ve got a very, very strong relationship and as much as Rory can be a bumbling idiot at times I think he’s proved to the Doctor and to everyone else around that when everything starts kicking off you can really step up to the plate and deliver.

I think fundamentally he’s a good person. And the Doctor kind of constantly seeks good people. And Rory’s up there with the best of those.

On Rory’s feelings about Melody/River Song

I think he’s a bit freaked out about all the things that happened, but there’s never really time to sit back and kind of consider anything because everything moves in such a pace.

You can find out one big bit of information but then you run off and face someone else or run off and get yourself in danger. So I don’t think he’s really had that much time to sit back and go, “Oh my God what has happened to my life?”

But yes I mean it’s kind of funny because I think Rory and River’s relationship has been kind of it’s been quite strange. I think Rory’s been quite nervous of her and now I think obviously their relationship is going to change because Rory is her dad.

So I know I’m quite intrigued to see how that develops. But yes he’s ultimately completely freaked out about it but just doesn’t have time to think about it.

On his favorite monster

I’m a big fan of the Silence. I think they’re a brilliant creation from Steven [Moffat] because as well as looking absolutely horrible, when we’re working with them we do kind of look at them and get really freaked out.

I think the psychological element of what they can do and how they affect people is brilliant. And you can’t remember their names but they could even be walking around our cities at the moment but we’d never know. And I just think that’s a really brilliant scary idea.

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