WILFRED “Identity” Review


WILFRED “Identity” Season 1 Finale – This week we say goodbye to WILFRED for the summer. The FX comedy has been through its ups and down in my opinion, but this week “Identity” brought it back to the funny side.

Ryan is helping Jenna sue the television station that she works for (remember last week when she was high on the air but didn’t know it?) to get her job back. He resorts to his old law tactics and digs up dirt on the owner of the station.

They settle out of court, but Ryan doesn’t seem to be too happy about his choices. Wilfred tries to convince him that helping Jenna is the only thing that matters, and now the dog will help Ryan get Jenna to himself. Just one problem – she’s almost engaged.

Ryan decides that he’s had enough of the dog’s advice and holds a small dinner party. His sister, her husband, Jenna, Drew, and neighbor all attend. To break up Jenna and Drew, Ryan starts a fight between his sister and her husband, but then pushes Drew to ask Jenna to marry him; and she promptly says no.

The funny part of this is that Wilfred tries to stop Ryan by convincing him that these methods are not Ryan – Ryan is a good guy – but Ryan just distracts Wilfred with bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles. It’s hilarious.

Jenna does get her job back, and Ryan even asks her on a date. It seems like things are going well until the stations lawyer requires a drug test from Jenna. She agrees, and hilarity ensues when Ryan tells his sister that he needs her urine to swap with Jenna’s. Obviously she declines, but Ryan blackmails her and says he’ll tell her husband about her affair.

Things go REALLY wrong when Wilfred jumps in front of the insurance agent’s car so Ryan can swap out the samples. Jenna and Ryan take him to the vet where Jenna finds out that “she” passed the drug test, but is also pregnant.

So now she’s going to go back to Drew, and Ryan’s sister is now getting a divorce, and Wilfred has amnesia and doesn’t remember Ryan. Ryan runs back home to take refuge in his basement – but the basement door isn’t a basement door… it’s only a closet.

What a way to end the season!

There were so many references to LOST (the obvious being Wilfred completely referencing the series and then the closing music) in this episode that I laughed through most of it. but I guess Wilfred does have a LOST vibe.

It left me wondering what the heck was going on! Is Ryan crazy? Is he dead? What is going on??

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