PROJECT RUNWAY “Can’t We Just All Get Along?” Review

PROJECT RUNWAY Season 9 Episode 7 Can't We Just All Get Along

PROJECT RUNWAY Season 9 Episode 7 “Can’t We Just All Get Along?” – Phew! I can honestly say that after seeing the previews for this week’s PROJECT RUNWAY the actual episode played out a lot better than I thought it would!

The designers are divided into two teams of five and are expected to put together a complete fashion show. Using the HP and Intel electronics that they have the teams are to design three textiles which they need to use prominently in their collection (which needs to contain five different pieces), and if that weren’t enough, they have to shoot a video backdrop and choose their music.

Sound overwhelming? Well, for Anthony Ryan’s team, everything came together seamlessly. Team “Chaos” consisted of Anthony Ryan, Anya, Bryce, Viktor, and Olivier; while team “Nuts and Bolts” (really?) housed Becky, Josh M, Bert, Kimberly, and Laura. Let’s contemplate this for a moment. Who do YOU think is going to win?

Right off the bat Josh M and Bert clash and shockingly it had nothing to do with Bert. This was all Josh – Bert couldn’t get his textile design to print and made a comment about the printer under his breath and Josh just blew it out of proportion.

Add to this team Becky (who Josh and Laura don’t like) and well. fireworks abounded. Personally, I felt the teams were divided straight down the middle: the “good” kids versus the “bad” kids. There was no hope for team Nuts and Bolts from the start.

On the other side of the work room team Chaos is in perfect sync – they have a clear idea of what their collection will be, their textiles (while sort of subdued) all seem to work together, and they even know who will shoot their video and what pieces everyone will sew. These teams are polar opposites.

After a stop at Mood where nothing overly exciting happened, it was back to the work room. The teams have two days to complete their looks and media for the runway – and it’s a flurry of cutting, sewing, measuring, and in Becky’s case, making a skirt THREE times.

One thing I will say is that Josh M did apologize for his behavior. He called the ENTIRE WORKROOM to attention and said he was sorry – his actions were not warranted. While it was a sweet sentiment, it did not need to be addressed to the entire room; Bert was right when he said that it was all about the drama with Josh M.

I’m not a huge fan of Josh’s attitude, I think he’s the cockiest, most conceited contestant on Project Runway this season; and needs to be brought down a few notches. Even during the Tim critiques, he does tell Josh: “Take your ego out of this.” Does Josh listen? Nope. Within the next breath he’s talking about himself again.

Onto the looks!

On team Chaos, Bryce created shorts with one of the prints along with a red top. I wasn’t thrilled with this; it looked sloppy in comparison to the rest of the designs. Viktor created a STUNNING gown (that I would wear in a HEARTBEAT), while Anthony Ryan had a CUTE skirt that he painted to look like an ink blot test. I LOVED this skirt and was surprised that the judges did talk about it more than they did. Instead, they were distracted by Olivier’s STUNNING jacket (seriously, this thing was beautiful) and Anya’s cute cocktail dress. Anya mixed their prints, but did it in a flawless way; and the cut of the dress was perfect.

Then it was time for team Nuts and Bolts. Kimberly opted out of using any of their prints (I don’t blame her – they used their “clock” theme really literally: cogs, words like “delayed”, “on time”, etc. and then a print that was just random numbers) and instead created a skirt/shirt combo using the blues and yellows that carried through the rest of the pieces. Laura created a (hideous) jumpsuit and used their “word” print as a belt, while Bert created a full on _ length dress out of the cog material.

Josh M had a jacked designed to look like cogs (I think? I was really confused by his jacket) paired with pants that were so busy and noisy I had to look away. Then poor Becky. While I enjoy her styling, it was pretty safe – a black jacket, yellow shirt, and her (three time over) skirt. She decided on the skirt also made out of the “word” fabric – and like Michael said “What woman wants to wear the word “delayed” on their crotch?” Well said, Michael.

As you’ve probably guessed, team Chaos is the winner – and now comes the fun part. They get to choose who THEY think the winner of the challenge should be from their team. Olivier starts the trend by saying himself (personal note: along with Josh M, I cannot STAND Olivier), and so it continues on down the line until the question arrives at Bryce. He says Anya should win – and win she does!

It is her first winning look, and she really, really deserved it.

Then team Nuts and Bolts enter the runway to less than stellar comments from the Project Runway judges. They took their concept (the clocks) too literally, there is no continuity, and you could tell they didn’t work well as a team (did I mention that Tim had to have them join hands in the workroom? I thought a round of “Kumbaya” was going to break out).

They call out Kimberly and Laura for not using the print, and then everyone (aside from Josh M) agrees that their choices for prints basically sucked. Josh M had a hard time getting through his head that he wasn’t a team “leader” – this wasn’t “his” challenge, and he needed to work as a group. The guy just has an ego the size of Texas and will not let go!

Regardless, Josh states that Becky was the weakest on the team, with Becky saying Josh’s attitude almost sent the team spiraling. He counters with “It’s a design challenge” and launches into why his design is better than hers and why he should be on the show and she should go home.

Bert, with no negative comments surprisingly, just states that Josh was a little hard to work with. Kimberly agrees with Josh that Becky was the weakest, and Laura throws Bert under the bus.

The judges end up with Josh and Becky in the bottom two, and decide to send Becky packing. Her look just is too “simple” and she can’t expect people to tell her HOW to fix it -she has to do it herself. Becky was surprisingly calm as she went to clean up her workroom, and I was surprised that Josh M had no comments.

Overall, I’m sad to see Becky go, but I do understand that this is Project Runway, and design (not attitude) is what the competition is based on.

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