ER’s Laura Innes Will Play Captain On NBC’s AWAKE

ER’s Laura Innes is now officially on board NBC’s AWAKE as both a recurring character in the new series, as well as a director. Just revealed by TV Line, Innes, who played the stern and efficient Dr. Kerry Weaver on the long running medical drama for more than a decade, will not only star as Captain Tricia Harper, but direct one or possibly two episodes of the show from creator and writer Kyle Killen.

Starring alongside actor Jason Isaacs as Michael Britten in the lead role, Innes’ character reportedly has a weak spot for the central character, a police detective, “who in the wake of a tragic car accident finds himself toggling between two realities — one in which his wife (Laura Allen) died in the crash, and another in which their teenage son (Dylan Minnette) instead perished.”

Innes has just come off of a season long stint on The Event as Sophia Maguire, with Television credits that also include The Rugrats, The Louie Show in the role of Sandy Sincic, as well as Party of Five and My So Called Life.

NBC’s promising new series Awake will make its highly anticipated debut midseason. Will you be tuning in for the much talked about cop drama? Let us know below.