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Happy Thursday everyone! In SUPERNATURAL, Sam and Dean have run into their fair share of bad guys. Whether it was a monster of the week, a reccurring creature, or a major player on the villain food chain, the boys have seen it all. While we obviously want good to defeat evil, sometimes evil deserves some recognition as well. This brings me to The Best Villains of Supernatural:


You can’t mention the baddies of the Supernatural universe without mentioning Lucifer. He’s, well, Lucifer. Satan, the devil, whatever you call him – he’s about as bad as we’ve seen on the series, and caused a lot of pain and suffering for Sam and Dean.

Not only was Lucifer looking to ride around in Sam’s body to start the apocalypse, he brought on the four horsemen, sent Lilith to earth to start the entire process, and also made sure his minions were leading Sam to him every step of the poor boy’s life.

Played brilliantly by Mark Pellegrino, Lucifer was creepy for obvious reasons and also because he seemed just like a normal person. I know he was an archangel, and I understand that he was banished to hell for a very specific reason.

But Lucifer could make you feel sorry for him, and as he said so many times throughout the fifth season: “Did the punishment really fit the crime?”

It’s unsettling as a viewer to sympathize with the devil, but Supernatural’s Lucifer will make you do just that.


I’m going to attempt to be objective with this one, but cut me some slack if I tangent at any time. Ruby was never my favorite from the SECOND she stepped onto the screen I wanted her gone, but like it or not Ruby stayed with Sam through two seasons.

A witch as a human who was turned demon in death, Ruby jumps into the fight at the beginning of season three. She saves Sam’s life, and offers to help him get rid of Dean’s crossroads deal. Fine, great. She plays her cards close to the vest, and you think that she’s actually helping out the boys – then BAM!

Season four rolls around and Ruby v. 2.0 (Genevieve Padalecki) arrives. A little harder than Ruby v. 1.0 (Katie Cassidy), she (according to Sam) saved his life when Dean was in hell. Now HOW did she do this? BY FEEDING HIM DEMON BLOOD. Granted you can’t blame all of it on her, Sam was stupid enough to drink it (love you, Sam); but it turns out that the blood WASN’T actually good for Sam (shocking, right?).

In fact, it was the exact opposite. It made him turn against Dean, kill an innocent woman (yes she was possessed, but that’s neither here nor there), and also makes him a freaking addict!

The reason Ruby is on this list? She was pretty awesome (I don’t believe I put that in print). She was one villain that set out to do her thing, and she did it with a VENGEANCE. She played Sam and was able to get him to kill Lilith and open Lucifer’s cage. and right to the very SECOND before Lucifer appeared, Sam still trusted Ruby.

As much as it pains me (because I feel Sam is smart enough to realize that Ruby was bad news from the start), Ruby was a perfect villain.

The “Monster Movie” Shapeshifter

I needed to mention this particular shapeshifter mainly because he’s amazing (and one of my favorite monsters of the series). A monster of the week, and a creature that we had seen before, this particular shifter likes the golden age of film – and transforms into classic villains.

Played by guest star Todd Stashwick, this particular shifter adds a touch of comedy to his murderous ways.

From Wolfman to Dracula, he plays the parts perfectly. and sends Sam and Dean on a ride through the old black and white monster movies. While he wasn’t a particularly horrible “big bad”, he wasn’t going to bring on the end of the world or anything catastrophic, he still caused a lot of problems for the small town in Pennsylvania.

Crowley – King of the Crossroads (And Eventually Hell)

How can a list of Supernatural baddies not have Crowley? Dry, sarcastic, and with motives that only help him, Crowley (played by Mark Sheppard) is a great villain for the Winchesters to deal with. At first Crowley seems like he will also help the boys, by giving them the colt to get rid of Lucifer. However, Crowley is a demon, and has his own personal gain for wanting satan out of the way.

He uses Bobby’s soul for a ritual (but does give him his legs back, so he earns points for that), then later on in season five he brings in Brady (Sam’s friend from Stanford) who reveals that Lucifer has been watching Sam basically his entire life. Season six shows us a very different Crowley. With Lucifer gone, he’s now “the king of hell” and has free reign over the place. He’s also trying to find purgatory, and forces Sam and Dean to work for him by bringing him “alphas” of different supernatural species – in exchange for Sam’s soul.

While Crowley has both his good and bad moments, he is still a demon. and as we learned with Ruby – NEVER TRUST A DEMON.

The Yellow Eyed Demon

The Yellow Eyed Demon – the one that started it all. Azazel is the reason that Sam and Dean are hunters, the reason that Sam has demon blood in him, and the cause of both Mary and Jessica’s deaths. Pretty much everything that has happened to these two boys is because of yellow eyes; and his plan played out PERFECTLY.

From the moment he stepped foot into Sam’s nursery to the very end when the devil’s gate opened around him, Azazel had the Winchesters right where he wanted them – he never wavered, never faltered, and killed anything that got in his path.


While there are obvious other choices for villains (Bela, Gordon, the hell hounds, Lilith), I think that these are a few of the best, and should be honored accordingly!

What are your favorite creatures? Who would you give the best villain award to? Let me know in the comments! Oh, and guys? Two weeks from tomorrow season seven premieres!

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