SUITS (USA) “Dog Fight” (Season Finale) Review

 SUITS (USA) "Dog Fight" (USA) Episode 12

SUITS (USA) “Dog Fight” Episode 12 (Season Finale) – Okay I have seriously tried writing the opening sentence for this review three times now and can’t figure out where to begin. Should I start with the ending because it was a shocker or do I talk about what happened before that? Decisions, decisions..

I guess I’ll go in order. Tonight’s episode was mostly about Harvey and his decision to free the man that he put in jail in the first place thanks to the underhanded behavior of his mentor. We all know that Harvey can be a bastard sometimes, but there are a few other things we know about him as well. Things like the fact that he will never break the law and that he’s loyal as a pit bull. We’ve also seen that he will fight for those he cares about and in the past couple episodes we got to see how those he cares about will also fight for him, too. Last week it was the girls, but this time it was Mike’s turn and he even got Trevor to repay the favor he owed Harvey for saving his life.

Too bad that favor is now going to backfire on Mike. I really feel bad for Mike sometimes because he has secrets from a lot of people, but none of them are malicious. He may be lying at the firm about his formal education but he’s proven more than once that he’s got what it takes to be an associate. He’s no Harvey, but then again Harvey wasn’t Harvey when he started, so we can’t blame that on a lack of Harvard education. Then there’s the whole thing with Jenny. Yes he liked her when she was dating Trevor but they didn’t act on their attraction until after Jenny and Trevor broke up. As soon as Trevor was back in his life again, Mike wanted to tell him but unfortunately didn’t get the chance before his former best friend decided to screw him over.

I suppose it’s possible that Trevor isn’t going to tell Jessica Mike’s big secret but what else could it be? And what will this mean for him now? I took part in an interview with Gabriel Macht last week where he talked about what would happen if the secret ever got out and basically he said that Harvey has always been confident he can handle whatever happens. I believe he’s right, but what about Mike? Can Mike handle whatever happens? I guess we’ll have to wait until next summer (Eeeek!) to see.

My favorite bits..

Jenny looking around Mike’s apartment after he told her he liked it “just so.” – Ha!

Squeaking when Trevor almost walked into the bathroom with Jenny.

“I don’t see anyone else lining up to get your ass out of here.”

Jessica telling Louis that if Harvey believed a man was innocent, so did she.

“When you’re running the firm of ‘Litt, Nothing and Nobody’ then you can make whatever call you’d like.” – Is it just me or does that firm name kinda have a ring to it?

Cracking up so hard when I realized Rachel and I apparently have the same taste in movies.

Harvey ordering Donna to his office, knowing immediately that it was her who had put together the evidence on Cameron.

“You had no right.”
“I don’t care.” – Yeah Donna!

Jessica ordering Harvey to leave Donna alone.

Mike telling Clifford what Harvey did for him to convince Clifford to let Harvey fight for him. Wow.

“His ears? They freak a lot of people out.”
“That was ONE client.” – *writer pauses to laugh hysterically*

Jessica getting Harvey to think for one second what his life would be like without Donna and it taking about that long for him to realize how much he needed her.

Waiting for the world to end after Harvey told Donna he was sorry.

Wondering what the HELL Harvey and Donna were talking about. Whatever it was it involved a can opener and could be done in three minutes….the possibilities are endless.

“What is it?”
“You tell me, I’ll confirm.”
“Nice try.”
“Damn it!”

Harvey and Mike in their street clothes are somehow even more imposing than in their suits.

“I’m not being vindictive…”
“I’m sorry, am I in the right office?”

Louis going all giddy over the idea of dinner with Baryshnikov. His little “Oh mommy!” was beyond hilarious.

Louis trying to blackmail Jessica into making him senior partner, and failing miserably.

Getting a very bad feeling when Harvey told the guard to take the cuffs off of Clifford.

Ah……I should’ve known Harvey would have a reason for making a man punch him.

Mike reassuring Harvey he would like his idea because it was from Mississippi Burning.

That entire scene with Donna and Rachel. Every single second of it was pure beauty.

Mike calling Trevor in to help Harvey.

Wow. Who knew Trevor could kinda be a badass?

“Sometimes good guys gotta do bad things to make the bad guys pay.” – Harvey needs to put that on his business card.

The look Harvey gave Mike to let him know that he had not actually nailed the juvenile thing.

Uh oh…..maybe Trevor being badass is not going to be a good thing.

Harvey reassuring the judge that he was going to sleep like a baby.

Wait. Did the judge just flip Harvey off? Nice.

Harvey and Mike arguing over who would make the better criminal.

Noooooooooo! Okay I take back what I said about Trevor. That little son of a…..

What did you think of the first season finale of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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