Gabriel Macht of USA’s SUITS Dishes About Harvey’s Style, Relationship with Mike and More

Gabriel Macht of Suits

One of the hottest shows on TV this summer has been USA’s new hit series, SUITS. Daemon’s TV was on the line when star Gabriel Macht sat down to answer a few questions about the show, his character, and what makes Suits so popular with fans.

On why the show seems to be catching on with fans so quickly

There’s just something about Suits that has clicked with fans right from the get-go. When asked about the phenomenon, Gabriel attributed it to great writing as well as a wonderful ensemble of actors. He said: “We all enjoy working together and ‘taking the piss’ out of each other off screen.” He also said that the chemistry between the characters has already found its rhythm and he liked how the women on the show were just as solid as the men.

On how long we can expect to see the con about Mike’s fake Harvard Law degree

Even though Mike has opened up to a couple people about the little sham he has going with Harvey, I doubt we’ll see it all come out in the open any time soon. When asked about the Big Secret, Gabriel said that there’s no doubt that Harvey is more comfortable with it than Mike. He told us that Harvey thinks “the kid is too good to be true” and is willing to keep it up the lie as long as he can. Though he did also assure us that if it ever did come out in a big way, Harvey is quite comfortable that he’ll be able to handle it.

On his character

Harvey has got to be one of the most fascinating characters we’ve seen on TV this summer and Gabriel offered us a lot of insight into what makes him tick. First off he told us that while Harvey doesn’t like having emotions, he is not above using them when he needs to. Gabriel said: “I think he has been hurt and is an emotional guy, [but] his emotions come out only when someone’s back is turned.”

Gabriel told us that he felt the reason that Harvey almost let himself get emotional once with Jessica was because he trusts her and can maybe let himself show a little vulnerability with her. He also said that he admires Harvey and would like to see more of his weaknesses. Gabriel hopes they will continue to crack the armor more as the series goes on.

On how much of Harvey’s character is based on his own interpretation

Harvey is definitely in a class by himself and when asked about how his look and style came together, Gabriel told us that all of it was a collaboration between the original costume designer, director, and himself. They all saw Harvey as a real man’s man, a “Cary Grant meets Steve McQueen” in modern times. A guy who is “tough as nails and driven by testosterone.”

He went on to say that Harvey’s style is classic. He likes to be put together and cares about what he wears. Gabriel said that in his head he’s created this idea that Harvey once met a woman who knew about fashion and though she’s the one who got away, she taught him all about that. The slicked back hair was his idea but he wanted to soften Harvey up a little so they changed his hair in the second half of the season.

On Harvey’s relationship with Mike

If you’ve been wondering why it is that Harvey decided to take on Mike and continues to defend him at every turn, here’s what Gabriel had to say. Asked about the relationship between the two, Gabriel said: “Mike is a representative of who Harvey was when he was a kid.” Harvey himself got a second chance from Jessica and there are huge things to say about second chances. Harvey sees that Mike got in over his head but is truly a good person at heart and is extremely bright and he feels the kid deserves a second chance, too. Gabriel feels that when Harvey sees Mike he feels like it is one way to give back. He also added: “Plus, it gives Harvey someone to do his dirty work for him.”

The season finale of Suits “Dogfight” airs tonight, Thursday September 8 at 10/9c on USA. Be sure to come back to Daemon’s TV to see our review of the show and sound off in the comments to let us know what you thought.

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