BURN NOTICE “Dead To Right” (Summer Finale) Review

BURN NOTICE "Dead To Right" (USA) Season 5 Episode 12

BURN NOTICE “Dead To Right” Season 5 Episode 12 (Summer Finale) – Boy do I love it when a TV show manages to shock the heck out of me and Burn Notice did that tonight in spades. Judging from what happened last week, I thought maybe we would be watching Michael trying to escape from Pearce throughout this whole episode. So the first surprise came when he’s cleared of Max’s murder within minutes and his one link to it all does a swan dive off of a building.

Just as I wondered what was going to happen next, Larry shows up and I began thinking this episode was going to be all about Michael escaping Larry’s evil clutches. We all knew that guy was nuts but he sure seemed to have taken some extra crazy pills this time around. But just as the smoke clears and we bury Larry (again), who should come out of his hidey hole but the man behind it all – the man who also happens to be Larry’s “kidnapee”, who’s apparently been the mastermind of all this nasty business for a very long time, much longer than I ever imagined.

This episode managed to surprise me not once, but twice, which was fantastic. Now Michael is going to be stuck working for this guy and I think will it make for some very interesting cases. This season he’s been doing mostly good deeds – either helping Fi, Sam or Jesse with their jobs or doing his CIA stuff. Now add to that doing dirty work for a creepy shrink and poor Michael is going to be busier than ever. Not only that, but he’s also going to have to figure out how to not actually do the dirty part of the dirty work (because let’s face it, Michael will not hurt innocent people), which will make his life even trickier.

All I have to say is I sure hope Fi is ready for a bumpy ride. Because if she thought she and Michael had a complicated love life before…she hasn’t seen anything yet.

My favorite bits..

Sam knowing immediately that something was wrong when Michael didn’t pick up his phone.

Yeah! Go Sam! Love that he doesn’t want to take Michael’s arrest lying down.

“Okay I’m starting to have second thoughts.” – LOL, then again maybe he will take it lying down.

Not being able to help the way my heart jumped a little when Fi said she had asked to see Michael “just in case.”

The look Sam gave Pearce when Tavian admitted that he tried to pin Max’s murder on Michael.

Knowing what Tavian was going to do about ten seconds before he took that leap. Crap, crap, crap!

I’m with Maddie, Agent Pearce was totally rude. I know she was pissed, but still.

Maddie telling Michael what Sam and Jesse did for him.

Larry getting the drop on Michael. Oops.

Larry trying to decide what to call Anson. He’s right though, “kidnapee” is probably right the term.

Larry referring to Michael as a “broken toy.” – Ouch. Not nice, Larry.

Michael giving Anson a way out. That’s our boy, always a hero.

Michael’s expression going hard as soon as Larry said “daddy is in one of those moods.” Saying that to a man who had an abusive father – a man who is also a trained killer – sounds like a really bad idea to me.

“Slow witted suits you.” – Okay, can *I* hit Larry now?

“Are you Sam Axe?”
“Most of the time.” – Oh Sam, I love you.

“The minute you say ‘it’s a Disneyworld kind of day’ she’ll grab the shotgun and go.”

“Do you have any idea what they feed you in an Albanian prison?”
“I don’t know, yoghurt?”

Fi threatening to kill Larry if he touched Michael. He can make fun of her size all he wants, but I know she would kick his ass if she got half the chance.

Flinching in sympathy for every hit and kick Larry subjected Michael to.

Uh oh…..that pause right before Michael said “I didn’t do anything in Chechnya” did say a lot.

Screaming at the screen when Fi’s phone was ringing while she and Sam were arguing.

Fi’s reaction to Michael’s “if I survive” comment and then lying to Sam and Anson about what he said. Not that I really blame her, but oh boy.

Going from happy surprise at what Fi had done, to sharing her absolute fear when she saw the other explosion, and then utter relief when Michael came running out.

Wow, this is a Fi we’ve never seen. She acts all tough but she doesn’t want to hurt anyone who doesn’t deserve it.

Trying in vain to pick my jaw up off the floor when Anson walked in and admitted he was behind it all. Wow, just..wow. I don’t…I mean……I can’t…….There are no words.

Being rendered nearly speechless for the second time in less than ten minutes when I found out that Anson originally got devious plan from talking to Maddie.

What did you think of the summer finale of Burn Notice? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • For chrissake Michael, just come out and tell Pearce that you’re being blackmailed by Anson as soon as possible.  I know it’s been five years or so, but have you ever considered that having the support of a massive national intelligence agency at your back is a GOOD thing?  It might just be me, but I’ve always felt that lying to your coworker and semiboss throughout the entirety of your professional relationship with her is a bad thing, and I DON’T work for guys who run around with guns and can have you headbagged and on a one way charter flight to Eastern Europe within the hour.

    • Seademond

       I agree and I think that will come up sometime during the next part of the season. However, Anson is shown to be insanely smart and plans things out to the minute detail. No doubt he had a listening device at Michalel;’s meeting with her.

  • ptjackson

    You are right, I was surprised twice too! The only thing that did not ring true for em, however, was the fact that Larry, such a smart guy, would stand somewhere that his shoes would show under the fence. I mean, come on, that was kinda silly.

    I am reveling in having our Fi back, though! None of her whining, just Fiona, the arms and explosives expert – you go Fi!

    • Well, there wasn’t really anywhere to stand by the gate/fence that Michael wouldn’t have seen his shoes, since it doesn’t touch the ground. Maybe on top of the car or something (but he wouldn’t have caught Mike off guard and kept him from leaving).

      • ptjackson

        I guess I need to look closer, but I though the ground was uneven, and there were places it does not show. Still, I think it was sloppy for a guy that is so smart – he got lucky because Michael was shell shocked? Maybe he knew that he had a bad day. 😎

  • Anonymous

    Great review as always and I’m so happy that we don’t have to wait too long until the next season.  November will be here before we know it!  🙂

    I just want to brag though that I totally called Anson as being a bad guy!  Not sure why, just something about the wife dying when Michael, Fi and Sam were all so sure that Larry wouldn’t kill her.  I suddenly had an ‘ah ha’ moment!

    Great episode and looks like we are in for a bumpy ride!

    • Yeah, I definitely had a feeling Anson was up to something then…

      …I just realized that Anson *knew* Michael would let him escape, and lead him to Sam and Fi, just because he knew Mike’s thought process so well.

    • ptjackson

      My husband did that too – we watched it together tonight, after I watched it last night, and he was like, “no, I’m, not believing this guy.” 😎