Sons of Anarchy
SONS OF ANARCHY “Out” Season 4 Episode 1 – It’s pretty impressive how quickly the Sons can revert back to their usual mayhem. After fourteen months behind bars, Clay, Jax and the guys are free at last and ready to make the most of it.

For Jax that means getting out of SAMCRO for the sake of his kids. He decides to wait until Clay is forced to step down once his arthritis gets too bad for him to ride (something Clay thinks may happen after ‘one or two’ winters). But before that can happen the Sons have business to attend to.

The day of their release is also Opie and Lyla’s wedding day. With the new head of police, Sheriff Roosevelt, keeping tabs on Clay, the Sons use the special occasion as a cover for a meeting of the Sons, Mayans and Russians. And this is where, after a whopping one day of freedom, the Sons get their hands dirty once more.

After the Russians arranged to have Jax shivved in jail, SAMCRO made a deal with them. In exchange for running guns for the Irish, the Russians would get a 70/30 split on profits. Now that SAMCRO are free they tried to negotiated a 50/50 deal, which soon became a 65/35 split. It seemed a little strange that they would accept such a low offer, but the real reason for the acceptance came to light by the end of the episode when SAMCRO took out the Russians in one fell swoop.

It was actually kind of awesome. Even Otto – who I was briefly worried was dead (I’m still not over Half-Sack and Hale being dead, by the way) – got in on the act and dealt with the guy who shivved Jax. And by ‘dealt’ I mean ‘stabbed him in the ear with a scalpel’. I’m not one for excessive amounts of violence but this was pretty fun to watch. But judging by Juice’s expression after shooting the Russians in the warehouse, it wasn’t quite so fun to take part in. I’m curious to see where the writers take Juice – there’s a subtle change, but he already seems to be more of an equal with the other guys, even if they’re still ribbing him.

But the attack on the Russians will have consequences that SAMCRO haven’t even imagined. One of the men killed was actually an undercover FBI agent, and there is a taskforce headed up by Assistant US Attorney Linc Potter already set up in Charming waiting for just the right moment to take down SAMCRO, the Mayans, and the Real IRA. This can’t end well.

This was a brilliant episode. A seasons worth of plot – more, if it takes Jax longer to attempt to leave the club – was set up in 60 minutes of airtime and it didn’t feel rushed or shoehorned in at all. We got to meet the big new players, Sheriff Roosevelt and Linc Potter, and get a feel for their characters. Linc was the most intriguing of the two to me. Is his laidback, motorbike riding facade covering a man who will get the job done whatever it takes?

If you read my season 3 reviews, you’ll know that my feelings on Tara and Lyla are changeable to say the least, and this episode was no exception. I find it interesting how Tara seemed so accepting of Jax wanting to leave SAMCRO, especially after we witnessed how close she and Gemma had become. Will Gemma use her closeness to Tara against the couple in some way? As for Lyla, well, she was as classy as she ever is. It’s all well and good her being pregnant, but do we really need more kids on this show? Opie’s two are already shoved far into the background most of the time. I’m willing to keep an open mind where these two are concerned though.

All in all, a great episode and a really entertaining watch. It seems as though Sons of Anarchy is starting something great again this year. I only hope it’s less divisive than last year’s Irish plot.

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