Singer Rafael Saadiq To Appear on THE PLAYBOY CLUB

raphael saadiq
Singer-songwriter Rafael Saadiq will play the late singer Sam Cooke in THE PLAYBOY CLUB. In what will become a regular feature on the series, modern day artists will be transformed into 1960’s artists who performed at the legendary gentlemen’s club.

Much like our report on Colbie Caillat’s upcoming performance as Lesley Gore on the series, Saadiq is the second artist to be announced and he will portray Cooke shortly before his tragic murder in 1964 at the age of 33. He will sing Cooke’s hit single “Having A Party”. He is expected to appear in the show’s fourth episode. [Source: TV Guide]

Cooke was famous for such soulful tunes as “Twisting the Night Away,” “You Send Me” and “A Change Is Gonna Come”.

The Playboy Club will debut on NBC on September 19 at 10/9c.