MELISSA & JOEY “Play Ball” and “A House Divided” Review

MELISSA & JOEY "Lost in Translation"

MELISSA & JOEY “Play Ball” and “A House Divided” Episodes 27 & 28 – It looks like ABC Family is going to doublehead the season all the way through the summer finale next week. Once again, we were given two full episodes of MELISSA & JOEY. So, naturally, I want to know, which episode did you like best?

The first episode involved Mel’s quest to secure the office softball team trophy. Unfortunately, with her star player out she is certain to lose until she gets the idea to bring in a ringer, Joe. Of course, in order to qualify he has to be an employee. However, the pretend employee soon takes over and turns the formerly cheerful place to work into an expeditious working machine. The employees are definitely not happy especially when they have to celebrate birthdays in secret in the supply closet. Meanwhile, Ryder tries to convince Lennox to publish Holly’s story and when his pleas are ignored, he and Holly become estranged.

The second epsiode involved a dispute with Mel’s neighbor, whom she has successfully avoided for the almost five years she has lived next door to him. Unfortunately, it turns out that not only does she randomly store all of the junk in her basement on his lawn, but his property line actually runs through her dining room. Mel and Joe go through a bunch of antics and planning to make nice and avoid Arnie, the neighbor, from finding out. All ends well when Arnie saves Mel’s garage from the fire that Ryder accidentally started while making his anti texting movie for school.

I think I liked the second episode best, mainly for Ryder’s storyline. Although I like his interactions with Holly, like in the first episode, sometimes it borders on creepy. The angst Ryder expressed while dealing with his film falling apart as his stars fell for each other was excellently conveyed. In fact, I even liked his short movie despite Joe being the star and looking like an uncomfortable John Travolta from Grease.

Some of my other favorite moments and lines from this week’s episodes of Melissa & Joey were:

Mel’s Unassisted Double Play Dance

Mel’s charades when Councilman Hancock was testing Joe about his knowledge of the office.

“I’m already on boyfriend probation.” – Ryder

“This is what’s best for all of us. Except for you.” – Holly to Ryder after they broke up.

“Let’s just say…it doesn’t piss me on.” – Mel to Joe

“I’m no arsonist and I have the acquittal to prove it.” Neighbor Arnie

What did you think of this week’s episodes of Melissa & Joey? Which one did you prefer? What was your favorite moment. Tell us below!

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