THE GLADES “Breakout” Review

the glades season finale
THE GLADES “Breakout” Season 2 Episode 13 – All’s well that ends well in “Breakout,” the season finale of The Glades. And true to the title, there is a breakout as two local yokels take over Callie’s ER in attempt to bust one of them out of jail in time to recover the fruits of a previous crime. As you can imagine, this really doesn’t sit well with Jim.

We pick up from last week with Callie doing her best to avoid going to Atlanta for the amazing job interview. That’s okay. I would have been surprised if she was chomping at the bit to get up there. Jim has really great arms; frankly, that’s quite an incentive to stay in Florida. But it does say something that she hasn’t told him about it.

While Callie is agonizing over every little life decision, two boys drag the body of a hospital security officer out of a canal and it’s quickly determined that he’s missing an keycard. As luck would have it, Colleen and a FDLE agent (who’s a former Florida State football player–shout out!!) are transporting a prisoner who claims to be feeling sick. Hmm…wonder where on earth this could be going?

I have to admire Jim’s strategy here. Most cops would want to lock the hospital down in order to trap the criminals, but he knows better. He would rather chase them across the swamp than do anything that might make them desperate enough to take hostages. Of course, not all cops get that and despite his efforts, the two brothers get stuck and wind up taking over the ER, which eventually includes Callie when she goes back in to help save an elderly patient.

Callie did the right thing, but the moment she entered that room, Jim should have put on the best damn poker face ever; he should have let those idiots think that he didn’t even know Callie’s name. But I guess even the most seasoned detective can’t hold it together when his girl is in danger, because he immediately starts freaking out and it’s clear to the blind man across the street that Callie is special to him. And the two dudes aren’t dumb enough not to take advantage of that.

Actually, considering how stupid they appear (and snaps to the casting department for making them look like Florida rednecks–do they cast locally?), the brothers seem to have a fairly good escape plan when they substitute two hostages for themselves. Of course, it’s eventually revealed that they are not the masterminds of the whole scheme; that honor goes to their girlfriend, who was posing as a hostage. Behind every bumbling redneck…

Jim is, of course, preternaturally three steps ahead of everyone else and figures this out, as well as deducting the location of the stolen loot in time to meet them there and arrest all three. Yay, Jim! You and your arms rock!! Not only can they catch criminals, but they’re powerful enough to make a single mother with a mountain of debt turn down the dream job of a lifetime!

You know, I was near the point of cheering when Callie ignored his phone call as she was having her boarding pass scanned. I thought, finally…a TV character who thinks with her head, not with her heart. Finally, some conflict and the possibility of bitterness and development and all things dramatic!

But then she showed up at Jim’s house in a cab and I sat back with a sigh of true disappointment. Instead of prompting Callie to change her life, as she indicated it had, the breakout only reminded her of how much she needed to stay exactly where she is. Money will work itself out, after all. It always does. On TV. What’s important is that when you find a man with arms like that, you do whatever it takes to keep them around you. Even if they’re holding you back.

And that’s it for The Glades until next summer. See you then for more murder, gators and Jim’s flagrant disregard for the rule of law!

What did you think of the finale? Are you surprised that no one ordered the FDLE agent to get a cat scan after his head injury? What is Callie going to do for a job once the hospital closes? Let me know below!!