THE CLOSER “Star Turn” Review

THE CLOSER “Star Turn” Season 7 Episode 9 – It is the penultimate episode of Kyra Sedgewick’s star making vehicle The Closer and while this has been a pretty strong season for the show, with solid cases and all round entertaining episodes, this episode ups the game and is in the running for the best of the season, in my opinion.

One thing I love about this show, which I’ve said many times before, is the directing. It has greater creative aspirations than a regular cop show without the budget to produce a well crafted cop movie. But it’s struggle to overcome a tv budget is reflected in the quality of the episode, and this one, directed by Stacey K. Black, darted between parodying a Rebecca Black-like pop star whose corny music and terrible videos garners instant fans who bask in her terrible musicality, a scary drama of a father living through the talent he forced upon his daughter, a mother who is just as involved if not so much in the spotlight, a child who is completely ignored and a grandfather who can do nothing to help but watch his zany offspring commit zany acts for fame.

Linking these two scenarios together was the always enjoyable, very satisfying elements of a heist movie as Johnson and company recognize that they can play the family for clues regarding the victim using fake props and legal jargon to set them off. Now, sometimes it gets a bit silly, like the manager’s ignorance of the Miranda rights, but it all worked because it was so silly.

There was a bit at the end when, gathered around a tv, the cops watch the victim’s daughter flee the flashing bulbs of the press, turn around and, teary eyed, say, “I loved my dad” which, perhaps it was the directing or the editing, but just did not work for me. Having said that, I loved the music video, the flower guitar being so fake, so phony, so over the top I actually clapped when I saw it.

The season long arc involving Baylor finally had a bit of meat as Baylor’s family’s attorney offers up a seemingly generous offer which, for a lot less money, has Johnson sign off that she was basically reckless in dropping off Baylor, though she did not have a direct hand in his death. Because it’s obvious that a deputy chief of police is not going to get dragged through the media streets because she let a drug dealing murderer off in a dangerous part of town, the case holds little interest for me. But watching the lawyers spar makes it worth it.

What did you think of this episode? Have you any predictions regarding the Baylor case as we head into the summer season finale?

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