HELL’S KITCHEN “5 Chefs Compete” Review

HELL’S KITCHEN “5 Chefs Compete” Season 9 Episode 13 – Last week Elizabeth failed to nab the black coat and was sent home. With Elise, Jennifer, Will, Paul and Tommy remaining behind with black coats in hand, my money is on Will or Paul to reach the end and become head chef of BLT Steak in New York. With the black jackets, the chefs are competing individually, without teams, and are more determined than ever before.

The challenge was to take five comfort foods and make them look pretty, make them look like a meal you might find in a fine restaurant. Elise just about knocks Paul out in her effort to obtain eggplant parmesane while he’s left with a tuna casserole (this is comfort food? Where’s Ben and Jerry?)

Their meals are judged on a scale of 100. Jennifer’s lasagne fails to impress and Paul’s meal is referred to by one of the judges as “cat food” which is probably not what he was going for. Ultimately Will and Elise emerge victorious and are sent on a culinary tour of LA’s fine restuarants while the rest of the black jackets have to stay behind and do laundry.

For the dinner service, the black jackets are put up against all stars from past seasons of Hell’s Kitchen. Their night of planning turns, unsurprisingly, into a screaming match as Elise tries to assert her will over the others, leading Will to storm out and every to bemoan why the hell Elise is there anyways. Aside from Elise domineering in the kitchen, Jennifer messing up on scallops and Paul serving a bad lobster, the dinner service for the black jackets work remarkably well in comparison to the all stars (on So You Think You Can Dance, the all stars are awesome dancers, in American Idol, they’re usually returning to promote their latest top 10 album. In Hell’s Kitche? They can’t cook fish).

For elimination, the black jackets win the night and though they send up the two girls, Ramsay makes it quite clear that Paul should be up for the chopping block instead of Elise. Maybe he was too busy flirting with Jennifer…cringe. In the end, thanks to their brilliant dinner service, no one is going home.

Which just means that two people are going home next time. Who do you think those two should be? Do you think Elise might finally get kicked out, or do you think that she’ll become the first person with a million bottom place finishes to win the entire competition?

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