THE LYING GAME “Twinsense and Sensibility” Review

THE LYING GAME "Twinsense and Sensibility"

THE LYING GAME “Twinsense and Sensibility” Episode 4 – As I predicted, Alec, Mads’ father, is up to no good. He is no good. Between the drinking, driving a wedge into the relationship with his daughter, and trying to punch out Ethan last week and the revelations from this week, I do not trust him one bit. It seems that Sutton and Emma are not the only one playing a lying game.

In his own words in this episode of THE LYING GAME, Alec tells Ted, Sutton’s father, to leave the dirty work to him. What does that mean exactly? What about the reference to having had to do it since high school? We know that the parents used to be very close and no longer are. Is it because, as I suspect, at least one pair of them truly are the girls’ parents? Or is it something more devious? What do Alec and Ted know about Annie Hobbs and that fire? It does not appear to me, yet at least, that Sutton’s mother knows much of anything. Was it possible to leave her in the dark all of these years?

On the teenage front, Ethan was saved from a life in prison by none other than Laurel who took one for the team by copping to a burglary she did not commit. Even if Ted does not believe her, it was enough to free Ethan. Emma must have really repaired Sutton’s relationship with Laurel in order for her to do this. I do not think that one boyfriend setup would be enough to take such a fall. Why do you think Laurel so willingly and without being asked helped Sutton/Emma with her secret boyfriend?

Meanwhile Neisha is doing a good job of finding an opening in Sutton’s group of friends and driving a wedge through it. Why did Mads lie and say she is sleeping with Eduardo when we know that is not true? What caused Neisha and Sutton’s relationship to fall apart? Why would Sutton choose Mads and Char over Neisha? Couldn’t she have kept them all as friends?

I think Sutton is much darker than she leads Emma to believe. I also think she has many more secrets that are going to come out. What I do not know yet is what those secrets center around. She claims not to really care about her parents, yet why did she have a secret boyfriend and keep the cheating boyfriend for looks? Why does she hate her family so much when it just seems like they all love her?

What did you think of this episode of The Lying Game? What do you think is really going on with Sutton? Will she ever return? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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