RIZZOLI & ISLES “Gone Daddy Gone” Review

RIZZOLI & ISLES (TNT) Gone Daddy Gone Season 2 Episode 9

RIZZOLI & ISLES “Gone Daddy Gone” Season 2 Episode 9 – Maura’s biological father makes another appearance in tonight’s episode when a female dockworker is found murdered and all the signs point to his handy work. But we all know that when things are that cut and dry that it’s never that simple and I had a feeling from the beginning that it wouldn’t turn out to be him.

I don’t envy Maura in this situation at all. It kind of reminds me of what Brennan went through on Bones when she found out her dad was a murderer, too. Those two managed to make up, but I don’t know if I necessarily see that happening with Maura and Doyle. I am starting to enjoy his character though so I wouldn’t mind seeing him come back in future episodes. If he does, I hope it means that we’ll get to meet Maura’s real mother. I think that could be one heck of a dramatic storyline.

Overall this episode wasn’t one of their funnier ones but nor was it mega serious either, it ran sort of middle of the road for me. Next week’s summer finale looks like it’s going to be a real doozy though.

My favorite bits..

“Hey babe, once you touch it you gotta do something with it.” – Classic.

Jane groaning at Maura’s remarks about her brother’s “long bones.”

Laughing my arse off at the idea of Jane going to sensitivity training.

Maura making a snide remark that “most” men have less body fat, to a guy who definitely didn’t.

Whoa, so Doyle might be back? Oh boy.

Okay, Sutton asking for the body to be covered? Totally has me thinking that he’s the murder. Don’t ask me why.

“Here’s the deal. I’ll do sensitivity training. You don’t do Brando.”

Jane’s near frantic attempts to hide from the sensitivity training lady.

Korsak nearly going for his gun when Jane poked her head out from behind that door.

Jumping half out of my seat when Doyle and his goon came busting through Maura’s door.

You know, Korsak really doesn’t do a half bad Brando.

“Did she love you?” She did..but you would still like her.”

Korsak ordering the dock guys to get their hands of their junk and treat Maura with some respect.

“Who’s hand is this?…..because I found it on my ass!” – Boy, that guy really didn’t know who he was messing with.

Yep, I suspected Doyle was being framed from the beginning. I still suspect that Sutton guy.

Tommy actually defending Doyle. I’m on his side though.

Yep Frost and Korsak are totally right. Duncan is so in love with Jane.

Yes! Maura telling Pike to “shut it” was beyond awesome.

Maura telling the dockworker he had nice moobs. LOL! That was great. Talk about turning the tables.

Wow, Maura can pull off super sensitive when she wants to. That performance deserves an Oscar.

Aha! I knew it! AND I finally realized why I didn’t trust that Sutton guy. He was Edward (aka a Christmas killer god) on Supernatural a few years ago.

Angela coming back from her trip with a suitcase full of “free” stuff.

Jane blaming the broken door on Tommy. Actually I think that was much better than telling her the truth, which would’ve just scared her.

What did you think of this episode of Rizzoli and Isles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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